Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 20
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

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Trigger warning: Mention of rape.

Morgan's POV

The grimy mountain of a man had a steely grip and pulling to free herself was only going to dislocate her shoulder. It sucked that she couldn't even get the small caliber gun she had in the tiny purse. She tried kicking him in the groin but he was expecting it and he blocked the hit. She was probably not the first woman this beast had harassed and he had learnt a few tricks on the way.

-"If you try to scratch me, I'll cut your hands. I promise to be gentler if you behave. Your choice" -he had big creepy grin as he said this and Morgan started to seriously panic. There was no one in the room and the one next door was so loud her screams wouldn't be heard and, even if they were... no one from there would want to get into this kind of situation. They'd just think that she deserved it for being there or for being a prostitute... as if someone ever deserved to be raped.

Instead of losing time weeping about how sick some people were she gave it a try. She screamed with all the strenght her lungs allowed while she continued resisting and he laughed at her efforts.

-"Shout all you want but I'd prefer that you'd reserve it for when I've got something inside you" -the creep chuckled and she shuddered.

It was true that in none of her nightmares calling up for help had actually worked and she was quickly losing faith. The beastly man started feeling her up with the disgusting dirty appendage he wasn't using to hold her wrists.

-"Get those filthy bacteria riddled claws out of her!"- Hodges came out of nowhere like a knight in the rescue of his princess (the mental image of David Hodges in white leotards and a sword in a gilded scabbard was priceless) and she started pulling harder trying to untangle herself from the gorilla.

Using the surprise factor in his favour he shoved the thug away from her but the shock at the interruption lasted for just some seconds and the creep looked ready to counterattack. He seemed like an angry bull, fumes coming from his nostrils. He only needed to scratch the floor with his hind legs before charging to complete the mental image.

-"Get those hands where I can see them!- she shouted at him, the metal of the gun she had quickly pulled from her bag glinting under the artificial lights of the fluorescents tubes.

Hodges looked at her with a fond smile and she momentarily forgot why she was mad at him or what logical reasons were those for keeping everyone at bay.

The brute was staring at the barrel of the firearm dumbfounded but then a devilish smirk started spreading through his rough features.

-"I'd say you should be the ones putting your hands up" -a raspy voice said from behind them. The noise of a pair of guns being cocked followed the subtle menace.

When they turned around they found Tierney MacAuliffe with the other one of his men and another Chinese man pointing a pair of revolvers at them. She felt anger hot as lava boiling inside her being so close to the criminal she was eagerly pursuing.

Hodges' POV

He had gotten there at the nick of time. Some disgusting pig had his paws all over her.

He had passed unnoticed as one of the many of the businessmen who came to blow all their pay money on the Baccarat tables. He looked everywhere and there was no sign of Morgan or the Irish American boss at any of the tables. The place was big and full of smoke but it didn't take him long to circle it whole without finding evidence of the blonde investigator.

He was starting to think he had gotten it wrong when he thought he heard a really soft muffled scream. The distortion from all the noise in the loud stance made it so he could barely pinpoint the direction from where it had come. He got closer to the back of the room and found a pair of doors behind some crates. The faint citrus-y smell of Morgan's perfume made him check the first one and there she was with her wrists grabbed by some asshole.

He shouted the first thing that came to mind and threw himself against the man. It was a similar sensation to banging a wall but he manage to destabilise him and push him away from her. Victory! Not so fast... his eyes were turning red with rage at having being interrupted and he reminded him to King Kong after the little airplanes fired at him. Gulps!

In that moment, Morgan pulled her personal firearm she had gotten after her kidnapping. It wasn't a big caliber weapon but the thug was clever enough to know she could blow his brains out with it and would definitely do it if he resisted. The no-nonsense way with what she was pointing her gun at the gorilla made him admire her a bit more if that was possible.

Then things got complicated again... that might be karmic retribution for complaining about the tedious shifts. Two armed men were now at their backs.

Morgan still hadn't lowered her gun or dropped it and neither had the other two, so before things escalated dangerously, he pulled out his field work credentials that he had brought because they made him easily recognisable as a law enforcement worker. Who would have thought there would have been something useful to having to do field work?

-"We are CSIs" -he hoped that was deterrent enough because right now he didn't have another Ace under his sleeve -"If you do something to us you'll be in deep trouble" -his voice didn't shake as he stated it matter-of-fact-ly.

At first it didn't seem to go over well. Tierney's face blackened and he had to tighten the leash on his two dogs as they started to salivate for their kills. He finally called them off and they lowered their firearms.

-"The LVPD is now stalking law abiding citizens? You do have some warrant for searching this nice establishment, don't you?" -his voice had gone ice cold despite his general politeness and it was eerie -"If you do, you should show it to me because if you don't have it, I'm putting a complain against the whole Department and you two personally".

He could swear he could feel murderous intent coming from his right. He put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

-"That's your right. My name is David Hodges and you can complain about me as much as you want" -he answered maintaining his composure -"We will be taking our leave now".

-"And your little partner?" -he pointed at Morgan smirking.

-"CSI Brody" -she answered through gritted teeth.

-"I said we are going now or do you want to face charges of unlawful imprisonment of a law enforcement officer" -that was a mouthful.

-"That's rich coming from you after entering here without a warrant but sure... you can leave and do not return" -the threat was more than implied.

They scrambled out of there and the first breath of fresh air felt fantastically invigorating like a good night's sleep or finding a new type of diatomea you could name but now wasn't the time to wax poetic about how awesome it felt to have survived that.

-"Morgan, you know that monster was right, apart from being suspended, you've come here without a warrant or back up" -he hated having to be like this but if nothing else had penetrated her skull by now... -"You could have ended in a nameless grave and everything would have been in vain".

-"It's not your fucking business" -she blurted back -"I am nothing to you anymore".

-"Of course it's my business. I care about you and that's not something you can turn off just because we've broken up" -he counter-claimed, his heart dying a little saying the last part aloud -"Besides you could still lose your job over this".

-"I prepared myself to lose it if it meant getting closer to getting Jennifer back" -she was stubborn as an ox.

-"And what would that have accomplished? You didn't get anything and if I hadn't figured it out no one would have even known where to start looking before it was too late" -it irked him that she put so little weight on her personal safety and well-being.

-"Sara knew it. She found me 5 days ago and we talked it out" -she had a look of triumph at having out-argued him.

-"How?" -he babbled -"She didn't come back until Tuesday night".

Morgan grew pale suddenly and her eyes bulged. She stood there quietly and Hodges started to get worried when she didn't utter any answer back in the next few minutes.

-"Morgan" -he shook her shoulders gently -"Talk to me. What's wrong?" -she still didn't say anything -"I don't mind if you never want to look at me again, I'm calling your father".

He started dialing. Conrad answered before the second beep.

-"Hi sir. I found Morgan" -he assaulted him with a flurry of questions -"She is... okay. We are in Bellevue with G street" -that got Conrad on overdrive again -"Don't worry, we are safe. Just send some patrol car to take us wherever you are and we'll explain everything" -or so he hoped. He sighed while he hanged up.

He was surprised to find a teary-eyed Morgan looking at him not with a fiery expression but with pure desperation etched in every feature of her face.

-"What's wrong? You can tell me. I'm never gonna judge you whatever it is" -those must have been the right words because she gave into the hug and started heaving and sobbing while he tried rubbing soothing circles against her back and said sweet nothings against her ear like he had done when she had her nightmares. Soon she calmed herself enough to explain.

It was awful to think she had been suffering from such vivid nightmares and to have to deal with them by herself. It broke his heart to learn she had wanted to maintain her distance because she was scared of hurting him again during one of them. He wanted to tell her that she should never have had to deal with a kidnapping that triggered her own trauma but that would sound like a recrimination and he didn't want to interrupt her now that she was talking.

When she got to the part when it started getting difficult to distinguish reality from fiction and the incident in the supermarket when she had become convinced there was a quasi-magical meaning that would lead her to the truth she sounded absolutely embarrassed. He could understand why she felt like that because CSIs valued Science and their mental acuity over everything else but still...

When she was about to explain the thing about Sara she paused. She seemed unsure about if she should reveal whatever it was but Hodges was pretty convinced he had already figured it out.

-"She wasn't really there, was she?" -he gave her a soft smile -"Your brain created a made up version of Sara. I don't know much about the topic but extreme stress and lack of sleep can drive you to a psychotic break where it's possible to have hallucinations" -he hugged her reassuringly -"You just need some rest and some help to resolve your trauma from the kidnapping and you'll be back on the job turning on piles of evidence and complaining about how slow I am".

That managed to get a small smile out of her and that was reward enough.

-"I don't know why are you consoling me after everything I said to you" -she said drying the tears with the heel of her hand.

-"I just don't know when to give up" -he said with his best smart-ass smirk. This time it got him a chuckle and a short peck on the cheek.

-"It seems so foolish now all the effort I put into keeping this secret. I was worried you'd look at me like I'm a dangerous demented person" -she was at her most vulnerable right now-"Part of me still thinks that's how you are going to see me from now on".

He embraced her wanting to erase every negative thing that had happened to her, every nightmare, every depressive thought, ... with the force of his feelings for her. He knew it was impossible but he still tried. He just wanted to transmit to her that she wasn't ever going to lose him, no matter what.

Finally she stopped him and, looking seriously at his face, she said:

-"I know"

And he kissed her.

A/N: Well, to everybody who was looking forward to this chappie, was it worth the patient or not so patient wait? Did you enjoy it? I didn't want Hodges to be the typical knight in shining armor who always saves the demure princess because they are a partnership who work best when they work together. I also wanted Morgan to show the brave take charge kind of woman she is... even when she is plenty damaged right now. About that... well, yeah... there was no Sara, no one talking to her to convince her to stalk Tierney... that was all a delusion. Was it too much? too out there? Morgan has a lot of work to do and I think now she is ready to accept help =) It's still a pity to see her so defeated. At least things are on the mend now. Did you liked their reconciliation or was it too simple? Tell me in a review please!

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Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 19
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If I see one more illness diagnostic test name more today, I'll take my eyes out myself...

First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

A/N: Hello people! How is your week going? I'm visiting my family which it is its own kind of torture although I love them... most of the time. I don't think I told you guys that I've started cross-posting this story in other sites and that means re-checking the chapters and finding such gems as substituting eyes with ears as in there weren't red rims around zie ears instead of eyes. Ouch. Or realising that it makes no f*cking sense that Officer Mitchell is doing the work of a Detective but deciding not to fix that because it would take way too much effort and probably confuse some of you =P

Thank you sooo much for putting up with my messy storytelling and for reading, reviewing, following or favouriting =) Last week everything went to shit and now no one can contact Morgan. Her father and Hodges are really worried and someone has just entered her car where she was stalking a MacAuliffe property. And that's what happened last week, this week in Two Messed up People: /upbeat voice

Morgan's POV

-"Sara!" -she exclaimed shocked -"what are you doing here?"

-"I should be asking you the same thing" -Sara said gravely.

-"But how did you find me?" -she was puzzled.

-"After that scene in the Laboratory I knew you wouldn't just be a good girl and take your suspension lying down but I had to check a few other places before it occurred to me you'd be this reckless" -Well, she had nailed it...

-"Still... how could you spot me here?" -Morgan stubbornly insisted.

-"Did you think this kind of vehicle would look inconspicuous here?" -she pointedly asked.

-"Eh?" -she hadn't really thought her car would look so out of place -"Shit, really?"

-"Relax, I'm just pulling your leg"-her smile was mischievous -"I recognised your car and I had no trouble remembering your license plate number".

Morgan wasn't in the mood for joking.

-"If you are going to tell me to go home and do nothing until my suspension is over, you are just wasting your breath" -she was direct.

-"You are partially right... I'll admit that that was what I was planing to do but as I reviewed the case for clues about where you were" -her voice softened -"and I thought about the little girl's situation, I couldn't picture myself asking you to stop. You know about my past..."

Morgan felt incredibly grateful at the first supportive words she had received about what she was doing and patted Sara's back to comfort her.

"But you should be clever about how you go about it" -she became all business again -"It's clear that even if the kid was ever here, they aren't going to risk bringing her again to a place that maybe the police is still staking out".

It wasn't like she hadn't thought that already but she didn't have many options.

-"Do you have any suggestions?" -she asked intently.

-"I was just telling you this is already too risky... I shouldn't..." -she backpedaled like a cyclist pro.

-"Cut it out and tell me" -she pressed Sara.

-"Well, I want you to succeed and I'd do the same if this was my case so it would be hypocritical of me if I tried to prevent you from acting..." -she paused as if still in doubt even after what she had just said -"looking at your notes, you noticed that Tierney MacAuliffe was doing businesses every Thursday with some thugs in the illegal Baccarat tables at the Chinese Quarters norther of the Strip. That's five days from now".

She nodded affirmatively. Mitchell had tried to sniff something out but it hadn't worked. It really wasn't a police friendly area and the patrolmen stuck out like mushrooms in a daisies' field.

-"I doubt following MacAuliffe is going to take you to where the kid is hidden but you may be able to dig some dirt. It won't stand on trial but" -the rest of that sentence was left unsaid because it fell on the dark grey side of the grey scale of morality -"Are you sure you want to put your career on the line?" -Sara looked at her like she knew right then what her answer was going to be and the implications of it.

-"There's no going back. Thank you for having my back" -her facial muscles were having trouble remembering how to produce a happy face or even a grin.

-"Always" -Morgan felt a strange sensation looking at the other's lopsided smile... like there was something wrong with it -"Now, get some sleep. You'll need your strength if you are going to go ahead with the plan".

She was going to say that she wasn't really tired but the accumulated sleep deprivation or the relief at having a better idea of what to do next made her eyelids turn to solid concrete and she couldn't keep her eyes open.

-"Heh. Have a nice rest" -Sara's voice came like through a distorting filter.

She was asleep even before Sara had left the car.


Fifty yards to the East and a few floors above there was a fifteen year old boy looking inside Morgan's vehicle with his "bird-watching" binoculars.

He had been doing it the last 24 hours with breaks to sleep, eat and school. Apart from the fact she was hot, it had been fascinating and he imagined hundred back stories for the lone blond girl in the car. She might be homeless, she could be stalking a boyfriend, she could be FBI looking to get a drug bust. The possibilities were endless and she had been fun to watch until now...

After witnessing the conversation just described above, although he couldn't hear a single sound, he felt a bit creeped out to continue. So he got up from his perch position in the window and went to play some Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. He should be doing his homework but there was always time during recess.

Hodges' POV

Maru came running with the tinfoil ball clutched between his fangs. He jumped onto the bed and dropped it on his lap, meowing to get his attention. He picked it up and threw it across the room and there, like the Flash, went Kobayashi Maru to get it. After playing soccer with the little ball for a while, he brought the irregular sphere to him to repeat the cycle.

It was a relaxing exercise that didn't require much concentration. Which was as well because his mind was a battleground. Anxiety, guilt, worry, anger, ... all fought against each other for dominance. He wanted to crush his own cranium between his hands.

It had been a long shift. This week all shifts seemed endless and depressingly repetitive. It was especially hard because he loved his job... or used to. Now he just wanted to ditch everything and go look for Morgan but she had made it very clear that he was the last person she wanted to see.

Evaluating the events of the last days to think about what he might have missed, what he could have done different. It felt useless, he wanted to stop thinking, start acting. When had he so completely changed?

In the end he had been putting his hopes in Conrad but that Wednesday morning near the end of the shift...

-"How was San Francisco? Was it a smooth trip?" -even from his position at the other side of the room Hodges could see that it wasn't more than polite courtesy rather than real curiosity what motivated Conrad's question.

-"Yeah, last night's flight was half empty so boarding was a breeze. How have things been going here?" -she paused unsure about asking -"It's true what I heard about Morgan, that she is M.I.A.?"

Conrad looked about 30 years older when he nodded, creases around his depressed eyes, but then he saw Hodges out of the corner of his eye and he decided to take the conversation outside.

It was clear that the Sheriff still needed some evidence or at least some time to believe his claims.

He finally had had enough. Thursday night he didn't have to work so he would look for something to encourage Conrad or maybe even find Morgan and convince her he was really on her side and always would be. It was foolish to have such high hopes and it was probably the desperation talking but anything else was too bleak to contemplate.

He prepared his clothes for tomorrow, one last shift and he would go looking for her. She'd probably be completely pissed off at him but it would be worth it. The water for Maru was clean, his food bowl full and he himself was filled to the brim with enough nervous energy to over-run the Duracell and the Energizer Bunnies combined, so the idea of eating or going to bed right now felt pointless. If he had been a superstitious man he would have prayed that the stars aligned to grant him his wish. As it was, he tried to force himself to sleep by trying to plan for every possible eventuality. Seeing this wasn't working, he tried the good classical method to think up every Star Trek planet name from the most modern saga to the oldies. It always worked and he hadn't even named thirty before he was out for the count.

Morgan's POV

Following the showy limousine or one of the older vehicles Tierney possessed was child's play. All things considered, it was an improvement over watching the club. At least stalking him, the scenery changed and that kept her more attentive and concentrated. Apart from that, it was 9 parts out of ten the same boring stuff she had been doing before and the days had gone by quite slowly. She had been like a hawk hunting its prey but she hadn't gotten proof of anything illegal just yet.

After falling asleep while Sara was saying her goodbyes 5 days ago, she had managed to minimise sleeping and that meant less nightmares but the ones that she'd had had been something else. They were vicious and gore-y with Jennifer, Hodges and Conrad being torn apart limb by limp, flailed or burnt out alive. Their cries deafening her ears while she got her throat raw asking for them, whoever "they" were in that dream, to stop and punish her instead.

She sometimes started smelling the foul stench of burnt human flesh even awake and would turn her head to see a vivid image of a disfigured Jennifer Clegane staring at her. The first time she had had to open the door of her car to puke what little was on her stomach. Afterwards, she had kinda grown accustomed to it... what was disturbing in its own way.

At least, today was Thursday and he would be going to the Chinese Norther Gambling Quarters owned by the Chan Family. She wondered if they would also be in on it or if it was just some thuggish individuals who roamed the area. If it was the former, she'd have to be even more careful.

Hodges' POV

He'd tried her flat, her favourite restaurants and grocery stores. Nobody remembered seeing her in the last few days. That spelt real trouble. The only logical explanation, and it was really likely as well, was that she had continued working the case.

Finn had sent him a message wishing him well and regretting they had to stay in the Lab and thus be unable to help. He messaged back not to sweat it. It wasn't that long ago that he was the "asocial creep who was a kiss-ass" and nobody wanted to talk to him. If it hadn't been for Wendy and then Morgan, he'd still be that grouch. One more reason to find her before she jeopardised her career as CSI or worse. Right now he didn't mind if she never wanted to be her friend, no matter how much it hurt, the stakes were bigger than that.

After stalking all the locations related to the case a frightening premonition-like thought started to creep out from the lower part of a pile of the information dump that was his subconsciousness. He remembered reading Tierney's Thursday schedule and Mitchell's notes on it.

Fuck. She was going to go to an illegal gambling den without backup. And so was he.

Morgan's POV

The place was surprisingly well tended too but it still had all the markers of an underground community. She had dressed with what she deemed looked like a sex worker's outfit. Not the Heather's Dungeon type, more like the "I need to pay for my next dosis of crack" way. For once it helped that she actually looked like hell.

Tierney, followed by his bodyguards, entered the dimly lit locale. She followed suit trying to be inconspicuous.

The first room was bustling with activity and although one croupier looked like he was going to call someone to kick her, he soon got distracted by a drunk customer.

Tierney and his people continued into the next abode and she walked onto it as well. Suddenly, one of MacAuliffe's bodyguards turned abruptly and grabbed her wrist forcefully.

-"What do we have here? A little curious cunt?" -he smirked -"What do we do with her boss?"

-"I don't care. Do whatever you want" -he said barely giving her an uninterested look.

-"As you say boss" -he answered giving her a once over look and licking his lips lasciviously.

She tried to extricate herself unsuccessfully. The guy was three heads taller than her and twice as wide. She didn't see any way out. Damn damn damn.

A/N: Morgan being reckless again... and I have this question for you. If you thought that the only way to save a kid was to try and spy on a drug kingpin and then try extorting it out of zie, would you do it? That's the end morally justify the means in this case? Where do you fall in the grey scale of morality? Do you think it's just a way to get yourself killed and helps the kid nothing? Well, what do you think of this chappie? I'm not super happy with it. I wrote it in bits and parts in between errands and I hope it's not too disjointed? There're some really not subtle at all clues in the text about Morgan's psycho(logical) state and she doesn't pass. One more little Easter Egg for you people =)

I'm sorry if you feel that this chapter should be longer. This seemed like a good place to stop. I hope you have a really awesome week and that you don't spend the weekend grinding your teeth waiting for next chapter (As if!).

Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 18
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The weather is going from crazy hot to cold here. I hope it's better wherever you are =)

First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

A/N: Hi everybody! I'm being a good girl and starting the chappie-writing earlier than usual. It's actually 5:26 AM right now. I think my brain is refusing to disconnect because it doesn't want nightmares... don't worry, they aren't like Morgan's nightmares XD I'm going to fall asleep mid-chapter for sure XP Anyway, what the f*ck happened last chapter? Morgan isolating herself, Hodges completely at a loss finally deciding to go to D.B. for help and... will this be an unforgivable betrayal on Morgan's eyes? Now I'm scared of writing the confrontation but there's no turning back /over-dramatism mode on.

PS: I did fall asleep and I procrastinated like heck the next afternoon so I'm really sorry for publishing it so sooo late. It's even Friday for us European folks T_T

I'm so grateful you keep finding my story entertaining and that you dear readers decide to spend your precious time reading, reviewing, following and favouriting this little fic. I'm curious, how am I doing English-wise and not writing so many running on and on phrases? Bad from what I see hahaha. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Morgan's POV

A cold rage started spreading from her heart to the rest of her body. Its tendrils gaining ground until they reached the point of her toes and finally her brain, freezing everything in their way. They were taking the thing that kept her going. She dropped her badge and gun on the table unceremoniously.

D.B. looked really surprised. He must have been expecting her to freak out flipping the table or break down sobbing. Her heart felt rock hard. She wasn't going to give him that satisfaction. A small part of her wondered why was she been so hard on her boss but she quickly silenced the tiny voice of dissent.

She didn't trust herself speaking so she just stared at him unblinking.

-"Erm..." -he swallowed -"I guess you can leave now. We'll reassess in two weeks. Ahm, have a nice day Morgan".

She turned his back to him without saying a word.

-"Is this it?" -she thought, tears prickling the inside of her eyelids -"No, it isn't" -her resolve steeled. Her suspension mattered little. She was going to continue with their help or without it.

It was at that unfortunate moment that David Hodges got to where she was. His hair was dishevelled as if he had been compulsively combing it with his hands and he looked nervous, almost afraid. But she barely paid attention to any of that. D.B.'s words were still on slow repeat in the forefront of her brain.

-"Morgan, I wanted to tell you myself but D.B. prohibited it. I'm so sorry. You weren't eating or sleeping and you wouldn't talk to me. I didn't know what else to do".

-"So it was a good idea to go to our boss with tattle tales and make me risk losing my job" -she thought but aloud she just said -"Leave. me. alone."

He looked like puppy who had been kicked after being caught pissing on a valuable rug. She didn't feel any compassion. In fact she felt the need to lash out at anyone or anything in her way and it was getting impossible to contain.

-"I'm really sorry I went behind your back but I'm not sorry I did something" -he was looking at her intently -"You aren't okay".

-"I said LEAVE. ME. THE. FUCK. ALONE." -she wouldn't acknowledge that and she was worried of what she might do if this escalated. She had being so scared of hurting him these past few days that having a reason to isolate herself from him was a relief.

Techs' heads popped out like mushrooms at the sudden noise.

-"I can't leave you alone. I'm your boyfriend" -this was said softly so nobody else would hear -"and I care about you".

-"Not anymore" -her tone was final -"It is over".

There was some gasping from behind some Labs and Examination Rooms as people connected the dots.

-"Please, at least accept my help as your friend" -he was heartbroken and still he thought of her first. Instead of breaking her resolve, it strengthened it. She was royally messed up and the fewer people in the middle of the catastrophe zone, the better.

-"With a friendship like that, who needs enemies?" -she laughed darkly -"You've basically fucked up the only stable thing in my life. You've destroyed me. I wish I would have never met you" -she hoped that if she was harsh with him, he would just give up but, even riled up as she was, she knew it was such a big lie.

Nonetheless that seemed to do it. He looked hurt and defeated and he opened and closed his mouth several times without uttering a sound.

Taking advantage of the lull, she just left him there and went to pick up the parts of her stuff at work she deemed most important and throw it into a box untidily before people would get over the shock and hound her with questions. She picked up all her notes about the case hoping they wouldn't notice them missing and some other folders with lab results and other evidence. She would be in hot water if it was found out but that was secondary for her now.

Despite all the months she had been working there, there wasn't much to take home. Getting out of the building felt like a walk of shame. She clutched the cardboard box tightly while she looked up ahead avoiding paying any attention to the various curious onlookers.

Still, by the time she had reached her parking spot, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She dried them roughly with the sleeve of her shirt. What was done, was done. It might feel like someone had taken out her insides and was frying them at a slow burn but she had an objective and with the danger of sounding like a broken record, even inside her own head, she wasn't going to stop at nothing to fulfil it.

Hodges' POV

Do you remember one of those ridiculous realistic Martial Arts Films where one of the villains, to show how evil he really is, takes out the heart of one of his henchmen but it's supposedly so good at it that his victim takes a few seconds to realise their heart isn't where it should be and it takes them a while to die?

Well, right now, he felt like he could really understand how that felt, having your heart ripped out and still continuing to breath and think and, in definitive, exist.

Of course he still possessed that annoying group of myocardial cells without whom no one could really live, at least until Science managed to step over that hurdle too.

He also knew that no matter how much poets waxed about it, the heart didn't physically host feelings, that was the brain neurotransmitters' job after all, but it didn't prevent him from feeling a deep oppression on his chest when she broke up with him, all the air leaving his lungs while his heart started to go into a minimal tachycardia and desolating images passed through his mind.

He let her go, just like that. What could he answer to the accusation of having messed up her life? What if it was actually true? No, he knew he had done the right thing. He had to believe that. It had already costed him too much.

He thought about her all the time. He knew he was persona non grata but he hoped being away from the triggering aspects of the Lab helped make her stronger to face her inner demons and maybe finally accept help. He just wished he wasn't being naive.

Surprisingly, people at work, including Nick and Greg, respected his privacy and Finn even brought him a Chocolate Muffin in sign of support. He made himself no illusions that they weren't gossiping behind his back about the blow up in the middle of the hallway or about how long they'd been together and if that was the reason of his break up with Elisabetta. They may be avoiding asking him directly but they weren't subtle with their looks and whispers precisely. *Sigh*

He wondered how long until it reached Conrad. Maybe it would be better if he called him himself before some maligned rumour reached his ear... but he didn't feel like he had the right after what had happened with Morgan. Also, what would he say: "Yes, sir. I've been sleeping with your daughter and not only have I not prevented her from breaking down but I may have indeed triggered it". Oh, no way in hell. He knew it was foolish to think people had the common sense to keep their mouth shut around their Sheriff so as not to aggravate him.

The following day, he found himself face to face with a very angry version of the man himself. He caught him in the parking lot half an hour before the start of the shift. It was a cloudy day because the weather had decided to match his feelings. Sometimes it was considerate like that.

The thing that jumped at him more powerfully was how alike their angry expressions were. Like father, like daughter. It almost made him smile but he didn't want to lose any teeth and Conrad was already fuming.

-"What can I do for you today Sheriff?" -he asked feigning ignorance at the reason he had come.

-"Are you dating my daughter? Where is she?" -he spat the words out.

-"Not anymore. I don't know where she is and I doubt she'd want to see me" -no sense lying.

-"How can you say that so calmly? D.B. called me yesterday about the suspension. I can't even locate her and I found about this" -he said pointing at him. He looked so pained -"I was here the other day. I trusted you and you didn't say anything".

-"It didn't start until afterwards" -he confessed.

-"What started?" -he flared -"You are an insufferable misanthropist who could be her father for fuck's sake".

He flinched. That stabbed too close to his own insecurities.

-"Look, it's over now so don't obsess over it" -he tried to be conciliatory.

-"What? Did you wait until she was emotionally unstable to prey on her?" -he accused Hodges.

He lost his self-control at the implications and regressed to his old self-defense mechanism, childish taunting.

-"No, I didn't but it wouldn't have been that hard taking into account her daddy had abandoned her again, this time for his oh so very important job pushing papers and rubbing elbows with corrupted politicians. No wonder she preferred me to you" -he didn't know why he was provoking him but he couldn't stop himself -"At least I was there for her when she needed me" - that was a lie on all accounts...

He knew the punch was coming and did nothing to avoid it. He actually welcomed the pain when it surged from his zygomatic arch all along the orbit socket and descending to the condyloid process of his left mandible. He might have trouble chewing on the next two hours and all the area was going to be puffy and painful, like a big ball of inflamed nerve endings. He had certainly deserved it.

To his credit, he looked really surprised at having assaulted a fellow law enforcement worker, no matter how hard he had tried for it.

It was a sobering blow and he dropped the insolent attitude in that same instant.

-"That was untrue and completely uncalled for. Sorry" -he apologised and wasn't disappointed when Conrad didn't accept it.

-"You must believe me when I tell you that I only want what's best for Morgan and that right now she is in a really bad place and she needs help but she doesn't want to accept" -he tried to convince him and added to himself -"least of all from me".

He understood Conrad might be distrusting of his statement. Between believing her little girl had grown up and was making her own decisions, right or wrong, hiding whatever she thought he wouldn't understand and the sweet lie that everything was A-okay, what would YOU want to believe? Well, denial is not just a river in Egypt after all and he knew he had to get to the truth on his own terms.. he just hoped it was soon.

He just told him that he didn't mind if he had a grudge on him until the end of time but that he should consider what he had just said and check for himself. He might just have better luck as long as Morgan didn't feel they were double teaming against her.

He nursed his cheek while he returned to the Lab. He was sure it was taking on a cute purple shade. Purple, nice sounding word, awful colour for your face. It was a giant neon sign that something had happened. As if people in the Lab didn't have enough gossip material...

Morgan's POV

Stake outs by yourself were not only mind-numbingly boring but it left her too much free time to think.

Staying 24/7 inside a car, careful not to be seen left you with little stuff to do except revisit the events of the last weeks once and again and, worse yet, you started seeing things that weren't actually there. Like with flashbacks, she usually just needed to firmly close her eyes and open them again for it to disappear. That wasn't the problem. What was troubling was how long it took her to realise they couldn't be real.

She wasn't stupid, she knew not sleeping was probably diminishing her ability to discern between things real and fake but this time she had an even better reason not to sleep than nightmares. She wouldn't forgive herself if something important happened when she was, to say it poetically, in Morpheus' arms. There was no other solution but to stay awake since there was no one else with whom to take turns.

After all this time, she thought she might be able to draw the front entrance of "El Galeón" with her eyes closed.

She was starting to feel how heavy her eyelids were becoming when there was the clack of someone opening one of the back doors and entering the vehicle.

She turned to face the intruder, her adrenaline thrumming through her veins. It wasn't who she was expecting.

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Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 17
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First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

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Hodges' POV

The day didn't get any better. Every time she saw Morgan, Finn or Mitchell, they all had grim somber faces that spelled that things hadn't improved. He couldn't talk to Finn before she left to go home either.

Nick and Henry did come to apologise but Hodges wasn't really angry with them, more worried thinking about the Jennifer kidnapping. Nick had been a bit of a jerk but once he had realised it wasn't a joking matter, he seemed sincere when he said he really was sorry for being an ass. Henry had even cancelled the extra hours he owed him.

He was so swamped with work, two new unsolved murders, that stopping to go talk to Morgan wasn't an option. It physically hurt him when he saw she had red-rimmed eyes and thought she might have been crying.

When the end of shift came, he was adamant to find her and take her home but she told him she was staying to go over the case again and that it would be better if he went back to his own home tonight because she didn't know how long it would take her. She smiled at him and told him not to worry so much so he just asked her to please take it easy.

He slept uneasily, worried, but not knowing what was to come.

The following day he convinced her to go home just after shift ended. He remembered her she had promised to watch Firefly with him and after failing to find a way to persuade him that she didn't really need to sleep, she begrudgingly dropped the crime photos and came along.

It had been very nice to share one of his favourite TV series with her but, apart from that, it turned out pretty disastrous in the end. She was joking about how she should be jealous of Nathan Fillion given how much he gushed about him. He tickled her and she fought back until they were both laughing out of breath... what took them to end up passionately making out, losing their shirts and having to rewind almost 20 minutes of the show.

It was soon after when things started to go south. She noticed the marks on his arm and he wasn't sure if she bought it when he blamed his cat again. The episode entranced them and Morgan rested her head against his lap. He lazily traced the outline of her left shoulder blade making her shiver. They felt asleep on the couch just like that after having massacred the popcorn.

He was suddenly awakened by a blunt pain in his stomach. Morgan was desperately hitting him. She had her face contracted in fear while she struggled. It took him a lot of effort to finally woke her up and in the brightly lit living room he couldn't hide the blood red splotches of the places she had hit him full force. Her expression when she realised she had attacked him in her nightmare was one of shock and pure anguish. She didn't want to hear him when he told her it didn't matter and that he was okay. It took a long while before she finally let him get close enough to hug her while she cried herself to sleep. He was just relieved she didn't ask him to leave but he felt he was completely out of his depth and getting deeper every time.

It was awkward when they got up and Morgan didn't seem to be able to look him in the eye. He wanted to approach the subject but she brushed it off telling him they would be late for work. When he asked how the case was unfolding, she grimaced and told him they hadn't managed to find any new clues and that she thought Mitchell had already given up. She tried to downplay it but the kidnapping was taking a huge toll on her. She almost got angry at him when he continued prodding.

The rest of the shift they didn't get to interact since there was no new trace evidence to analyse. When he finished work, she again kept going well after they all had left and told him to not wait for her and just go feed Kobayashi Maru. He bought her some food before leaving, grilled cheese, Caesar salad and strawberry cheesecake, in the hopes she'd at least eat something.

The next few days followed the same patron. Morgan stayed until late in the morning at work, no matter how he tried to coax her, but she insisted he went home to sleep. She look tired and people around the Lab were starting to comment on it and about how she was really quick to snap these days. Trying to speak with her about anything non-job related was an impossible task and she had been skipping breakfast everyday. He found the food he had bought for her untouched on the paper bin in the break room.

Even 'though he knew this case was really important to her, he wasn't going to stay silent any more while the bags under her eyes grew darker and her complexion thinner. He remembered what D.B. had said about her father's concerns but he didn't know what to do. If he talked to the boss, would he bench her? Would that be good? Would she forgive him?

Two events finally turned the balance the other way and there was no more hesitation.

He could hear the shouting all the way from Trace. D.B. had told Finlay and Morgan to stop working on the kidnapping and reassigned them to a murder investigation and a robbery in the Strip respectively.

-"You don't have anything new to work on and we need all hands on deck" -he tried to persuade her to be reasonable.

-"I can't give up on a little girl" -the blonde CSI was determined.

-"You need to move on. There's nothing more you can do".

-"Would you say the same if this was your granddaughter?" -that was a low blow taking into account Katie had been kidnapped not too long ago -"Sorry. I didn't mean..."

-"Look. I'm your boss and I've told you I need you to process that robbery scene with Greg and that's it" -he ordered her not deigning to dignify that question with an answer.

She woke away briskly while Hodges and many other lab technicians observed from their Labs.

The other incident happened that very same night although it was next shift when he found out via Sanders.

Greg was behaving very sketchily, pacing up and down but unusually silent for him.

-"I know you said that you wanted to wait for your results here and if you want a place to exercise, I can recommend you a good gym. Just. stop. doing. it. here!" -he knew he was being short-tempered but right now he couldn't care less.

-"Ah... sorry" -he excused himself without his usual loquacity. It was starting to get unsettling how serious he was.

-"Hey Greg. Is something wrong?" -he inquired.

-"Ah. Yeah, but..." -he bit his lip nervously -It's not about me so I don't think I should say anything..." -he answered. It took Hodges about two seconds to put together that he was working with Morgan right now so it was probably about her.

-"Tell me Greg. Is this about Morgan?" -he felt the CSI tense.

-"Yeah" -he admitted -"and I don't know what to do about it" -he sighed.

-"I can't help you if I don't know what it is" -he tried to coax it out of him.

-"You know we were investigating a robbery yesterday, don't you?"

He nodded affirmatively.

-"Well, halfway through processing the scene Morgan disappeared on me. I freaked out. You know about what happened with Holly, right? And taking into account everything that's happened recently..." -he seemed conflicted -"She had left without telling me because she had thought about something that might help her other case, the kidnapping one" -his tone was one of disbelief -"She apologised profusely later and if it had been only that..."

-"What else happened?" -he wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer.

-"She assured me she had finished fingerprinting the area but she forgot to do the lower part of the shelves, a rookie mistake. Normally it wouldn't even matter but this time the perp had left fingerprints only there and if I hadn't checked, we wouldn't have been able to identify him at all" -he cleared his throat -"I want to think this was just a bad day but... I feel like I should tell D.B. Have you seen Morgan lately? She isn't herself. I'm just worried".

-"I'll go tell him"- he told Greg. He wasn't going to let Morgan self-destruct. Consequences be damned.

Morgan's POV

It was difficult to function with that fog that seemed to dim all her senses, tingeing every action with a sense of powerlessness. She cried her eyes out in the bathroom after her encounter with Martin but, after she had composed herself, she was determined to find the child. She could see that Mitchell thought that, if they hadn't found the girl in "El Galeón", that meant she was buried in some place they would never find, but she wasn't giving up. Finn could barely keep her eyes open at the end of her double shift so she finally went home. Morgan went over the evidence with a fine comb. No matter how she looked at it, she couldn't think of anything new.

She stayed until some guy from the Day shift asked for the room. Hodges had already left like she had insisted he did but now she was a bit sorry she had done that. Her apartment felt very cold compared to the previous day and there was nobody to calm her when the nightmares came. She couldn't understand why she wasn't able to control them and why they were getting more violent every time. She curled into a foetal position trembling, scared of falling asleep.

She didn't manage to advance on the case the next shift. After talking to Finn, she decided to start from zero again to see if she had missed anything but before she could do that, Hodges was there and she let herself be convinced to stop for the day.

Hodges turned into a bright eyed big kid when talking about something he was passionate about. She couldn't resist teasing him about it but it wasn't fair he retaliated. She was very ticklish after all! She didn't think to complain because seeing him flustered and breathless was a really pretty sight. She kissed him senseless and he didn't fall behind. Their shirts didn't last on and only a loud noise from the screen reminded them they were supposed to be watching.

It wasn't much later when she noticed some fine lines running along his arms and forearms that weren't there yesterday when they had sex.

-"Hey. What's that?" -she asked curiously.

-"Oh, this" -he said pointing -"This is just a reminder from Kobayashi Maru not to forget to feed him again" -he said smiling.

-"He must have been really hungry" -she thought to herself -"but how could he attack his arms if he was wearing a shirt?".

-"Hey" -he warned her -"I'm unpausing it".

-"Wait a second" -she answered returning to the present -"I'll bring the popcorn".

She was so comfortable that she barely lasted an episode before falling asleep.

It seemed a recurring pattern in her bad dreams was being unable to use some of her senses and have her movements restricted. It would probably give some psychiatrist tons of materials to speculate and create convoluted theories although she imagined that her kidnapping answered it pretty well. Occam's razor was king after all. This nightmare was no different.

She had a smelly filthy cloth bag over her head. She was tied tightly to a metal pipe. Her mouth was taped and she could see some light through the fabric. She heard some little girl calling for her mum and she immediately knew it was Jennifer. Then there was a splash and struggling sounds. After a long tense minute, another splash and a bout of coughing. The kid was screaming for them not to do it again, that she didn't know anything, but her cries were ignored.

By now Morgan was pretty convinced they were torturing her by dunking her head into some tub or water source. They repeated and repeated the inhumane treatment while she struggled powerless against her restraints. Finally there was silence. She wanted to cry. She wanted to peel the skin off of the people who could do that to a child.

Someone approached and she knew she was next. When that animal untied her, she started to kick and punch ferociously. If she was going to die, she'd die fighting.

It didn't take her long to understand nothing had been real except the fact she had unleash a rain of blows against her boyfriend. She felt sick to her stomach, revolted at herself. How could she have done that?! David was saying that it didn't matter but it did. Even if it hadn't actually caused him any pain, it would still be awful but judging by the colouration of his torso and her stinging knuckles, she knew she had caused damage. She thought to ask him to leave. She didn't want to hurt him anymore. But she was too weak and soon she was accepting his kind words. She felt asleep knowing this couldn't continue like this.

The next morning something had shifted inside her. She knew she needed help but she didn't want it. She didn't want to admit out loud she needed help. She wanted to keep going. So she evaded Hodges' questions and got annoyed when he insisted. She evaded him because then she couldn't hurt him. She evaded D.B.'s requests she took on other cases. She evaded sleep as much as she could because then she would be so tired she would sleep soundly. Of course that was in theory and it didn't translate well in practice. She started evading food too because the nausea in the pit of her stomach that had appeared when she'd realised she'd hit Hodges, hadn't subsided. She even dumped the food Hodges' had bought for her so he wouldn't notice she hadn't eaten it. She avoided people in general because then they wouldn't find out she was having continuous flashbacks to her kidnapping that were making it hard to differentiate between what was real and not.

After a pair of days of this, instead of feeling weaker, she actually felt stronger. Sure she was paler and there were bags under her eyes but that was normal after sleeping only 3 hours a day and staying indoors working. She felt she could keep at it with this rhythm indefinitely. She was sure she would find something, anything, and once she did, everything would go back to normal. Yeah, everything would be perfect.

She couldn't understand how could D.B. have done this to her. She was sure she was tremendously close to cracking the case open. The sentences in the report made a different sense to her now. It's like they had gotten a different secret meaning now that only she could uncover. It sounded a bit nutty even to her but she could see it and it's hard to deny what you see with your own eyes.

Now she was losing time processing a small supermarket with Greg. A boring robbery but a lot of surfaces where the thief could have left his fingerprints. Complete mind-numbing routine.

She had almost finished with her part when she thought she saw Jennifer in a magazine cover. Later she would realise how stupid it was but she felt the imperious need of checking into the case. She left without even talking to Greg.

She had apologised. Why had Greg ratted her out to D.B.? By his tone of voice she was sure that was the reason he wanted to talk with her. She would reassure him she was fine, that it had been a silly mistake and that she would never question his orders again. He'd be happy and she'd return to work. It would be easy.

He gestured the chair so she seated herself. She didn't like the look he had on his face but she still felt confident.

-"Morgan. You abandoned the scene of a crime leaving your partner alone".

-"Yes, I'm sorry. I'll nev.."

-"I haven't finished" -he cut her off abruptly but then he sweetened his tone of voice -"It's not the only thing. You aren't okay. Conrad has been very worried about you and the rest of the Lab have noticed your sudden change of moods and it's obvious you haven't been sleeping. When Hodges came by today, I realised I should have acted sooner. Morgan you are relieved from service until further notice. Use this time to fix whatever it's wrong. We are worried about you. You know you can trust us with your problems".

A few words of the conversation were burned on her mind. Hodges had been the one who had convinced D.B. to bench her.

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Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 16
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First: Chapter 1


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Hodges' POV

Some noises from the apartment next door woke him up. The red glowing numbers of an alarm clock informed him the time was 7:34 PM. Still early rising taking into account the hour they went to sleep but not for that much. He would have spontaneously woken up within thirty minutes anyway, as his internal clock didn't let him sleep more than 7 hours straight. It had always been like that since his college days. It drove his college girlfriend, Marianne, absolutely bonkers. She loved sleeping in until late completely undisturbed, as she was a light sleeper, and she would lash at him for getting out of bed so early, waking her up in the process. His answer that he just didn't want to risk going to the cafeteria during rush hour thus potentially getting late to any of his lectures (thus disappointing his professors) didn't win him any points. Pretty redundant to say that relationship didn't last very long after that conversation.

He was distracted from his ruminations by Morgan, still asleep, snuggling closer to him. She made a very cute face when she was sleeping, so relaxed and unguarded. No worry lines etched on those sweet features. She looked so adorable he wanted to squish her but he contented himself with lightly kissing her right temple, careful not to wake her up. She needed to make up for her lack of sleep these past few days. Besides, that nightmare seemed to have been a tough one and she had been completely drained out of energy after it.

Remembering the nightmare brought back to mind the scratches he had suffered on his arms and forearms trying to calm her down. They were nothing serious but he should get them disinfected. Who knew if there was any flesh eating bacteria in the environment, he shuddered, no need to risk it. He also didn't want Morgan to see them and feel guilty. She wasn't even fully awake when she had done it.

He decided to get up to clean the very superficial injuries. Morgan furrowed her brow displeased at the sudden lack of warmth and curled up in a foetal position. He tiptoed recovering his clothes. It was a harder task than he could have imagined because they seemed to have a life of their own and had flown everywhere. Flashes from last night activities, apart from stirring a visceral lust inside him, put in perspective why he couldn't locate one of his shoes no matter where he looked. Eventually, it appeared below one of the sofas, behind an old newspaper forgotten down there for who knows how long. Meanwhile, he had been putting the clutter away in a try to neaten the living room. Something inside him couldn't tolerate a messy room when there was nothing else, read a half undressed Morgan, to distract him so he vowed to clean it later.

With all his possessions on his grasp, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. It was pleasant from time to time to take a shower without a cat scratching at the crystal panel meowing, half fascinated, half scared of the device. Kobayashi Maru would be so pissed with him for not dropping by in the morning to pet him before going to bed. Food and water he had more than enough always because often he would have to stay in the Lab, so he put plenty on his bowl since the cat was good at managing it without overeating. Moreover there was a grandpa, in the apartment three doors down his, that loved cats and had a copy of the keys for emergencies. They had bonded over their dislike of a tenant allergic to cats who had tried to get the owner of the building to kick cat owners to the curb.

When he was invited to stay in a house, one of the things he liked to do was try on all the weird body wash products they had. In his own house, he only had a simple shower gel that more than did his job but most people had tons of different things. Morgan used a sweet smelling coconut body wash that appealed to his nose. He imagined himself applying it to her luscious body, massaging that sexy torso, and... And he had to stop because he was getting a stiff and now wasn't the time for that.

The scratches in his arms were nothing to write home about. His cat had managed to do more gruesome ones. Only in two or three places the skin had actually broken so it was easy to wash the small bits of dried blood, barely any need for a band-aid. He got out, dried himself and put yesterday's clothes on, ready to begin his Cleaning Mission TM. Rocky's OST started sounding on the background... no, not really. He just got to it with enthusiasm and he really needed it when he saw some mold under the sink!

Morgan's POV

What was that delicious smell that was making her mouth water? She sluggishly opened her eyes. 9:07 read the evil clock. Damn, she had overslept. She still felt really tired 'though. Well, it still had to be the most restful night she had in ages, barring that disgusting dream and the fact that the feelings of self-hate from last night remained in her subconscious. Like an animated cartoon where a pleasant smell carries the protagonist by their nostrils to the source, she got up to go to the kitchen to find a hearty dinner and that Hodges had cleaned her house from top to bottom. She didn't know if she should feel lucky for having such a boyfriend or embarrassed he had felt the need to tidy her flat.

The man himself, in one of her aprons, was facing the stove, concentrating on not burning whatever he was cooking. She approached him, circling his waist with her hands and kissed his neck. He returned the favour before returning to the task at hand.

-"Good morning sexy" -was her greeting -"What's cooking?"

-"Morning" -he said grinning from ear to ear -"Just what I found in your fridge and whereabouts. Some hash browns, eggs, sausages, toasts, bacon and rice with veggies and tomato sauce".

-"We are going to be energised this shift" -she commented jokingly.

-"It's important to start the day with a big meal" -he seemed to be channelling her grandmother who, rest in peace, always said that when they complained about the excessive amount of food -"How have you slept? Feeling 100%?"

"Sure, great" -she lied but she considered it a white lie. She actually felt better after resting even 'though she still felt guilty and worried about Jennifer but today she could actually do something about that -"How long until it's ready?" -she asked sniffing the mixture of aromas.

-"Almost ready. You can set the table if you want. I think I put everything in its right place" -he pointed towards a cupboard -"That's where the deep plates go, right?"

-"Yeah" -she said giggling -"Do you know how surreal is that we are having dinner in my house and you are the one who knows where everything is and I'm like the guest who is directed to set the table after being told where everything is?" -she smiled at him to reassure him she didn't feel offended at all.

-"Well, there was stuff everywhere and I had time so..." -he sighed -"Today isn't my most eloquent of days it seems".

-"So you saw it untidy and why the heck not clean it?" -she tried to tease him. It seems she was too subtle.

-"Of course" -he nodded with a smile that advertised how happy he was she understood. She didn't mind he had cleaned at all (she was actually glad apart from promising herself that the next time he came, she would make sure the house would shine because of how clean it would be) but a bit bewildered that he didn't catch why this was a social faux-pas for most people.

-"Do you realise that some people would be annoyed if you tidied their houses without asking?" -she was curious about his answer.

-"Why would anyone be upset at things being cleaner?" -if you put it like that...

-"Because it's their private space that they don't want anyone intruding into or because they'd think you consider them pigs who can't clean after themselves?" -she suggested two possible motives.

-"Oh" -he burrowed his frown in thought -"People are weird" -he said nonchalantly. She suppressed a laugh.

-"You are weird too and that's one of the things I like most about you" -she gave him a peck.

He brought the plates to the table and the conversation went from how silly some social conventions were, to how vital others were, to how mean people could be to those that missed the social cues. Hodges was really in favour of the no touching without explicit permission one and he wondered if he put a sign post in his Lab, if people would comply. She told him that the boys would think it was some kind of joke and he agreed grimacing at the thought of what their response would be. Probably a group hug.

The food tasted really good. They both had an appetite and they inhaled their food, not cookie monster style, but only because they had good table manners. Jokes apart, they finished their meals and conversation came to an awkward silence.

-"Well, I think we should go on our own to work. It would be weird us arriving together. Moreover, I should go change into new clothes and say hi to Kobayashi Maru. Oh, and shave" -he added suddenly remembering while he passed his hand over the stubble.

-"Yeah. I still need to shower too" -she completely understood -"But it's a pity you've already taken one. We could have shared" -I said suggestively.

-"Right now I'm really really sorry too" -his face was an open book in that moment-"I'll see you later".

With a quick kiss and a not so quick second one he parted. Now that he wasn't here, the dream, the case and what was she going to do if things got worse invaded her mind. She hopped on the shower hoping the warm water could clear her head.

Hodges' POV

It had taken a bit of prodding from his rational mind to unglue himself from Morgan but he was just arriving at his place.

He had been right on his prediction. The feline barely looked at him and, instead of his ritual of rubbing his head against his ankles which once had costed him a nice vase and a bump on the head, he decided to ignore him completely.

His tries to get his attention only gave results when he opened one of the special occasions' cans and he felt like a father buying his way out of a child's tantrum.

He petted Kobayashi, put on some clothes and prepared some in a small suitcase he put on his car. Then he went to see the grandpa to ask if he would mind babysitting the cat a pair of days if the need arose. Ronald, that was his name, was quite nosy and without any shame asked what was the name of the lucky lady and if it was someone he might know. He mumbled that no, he couldn't know, although as a matter of fact he had introduced them once in the past.

-"Don't tell me it's that cute blonde that worked with you? I hope so" -he exclaimed, nailing it oh so perfectly -"because she was such a sweetie when we met. Oh, and so polite. She asked about my health and all my cats. What a nice woman. Will you give her my regards? Oh, please do. Now I gotta go feed my babies".

He couldn't get a yes or no or anything else edgewise in the middle of the torrent of words before he waved goodbye and entered his home. He was a good man but when he got like that, he was unstoppable.

Nick and Henry were chatting in the changing room when he entered.

-"Good morning guys" -he greeted them while he started changing into his work clothes -"What's up?"

-"Nah, just talking paperwork about the case we closed last night" -Nick was quick to answer.

-"Morning Hodges" -Henry smiled at him.

-"What's that on your neck?" -Nick inquired quite suddenly ."Henry, it seems that Hodges got lucky last night. That's better than closing a case, don't you think?" -he said smirking.

Henry just nodded affirmatively. Hodges decided to let them tease as much as they wanted. They would soon grew tired.

-"Wow. Elisabetta has totally roughed you up" -he was pointing to the fine red lines marking both his arms. He now really regretted deciding to change his shirt.

-"That was just my cat" -he told them hoping they would buy it and leave him be.

-"Ah, don't be shy. I could recognise that those mark have been made by human nails from a mile away" -he boasted -"and not just from job experience if you know what I mean" -he winked suggestively.

Henry laughed but Hodges didn't find it funny... at all. He was getting very pissed off.

-"You are really lucky you have such a wonderful fiancée. They say Italians have fire on their veins and it seems whoever said that was right" -he was going on and on, completely missing Hodges' expression.

-"Italians might be all the temperamental you want but I'm no longer engaged to one so fuck off" -part of him regretted saying it the same second the words escaped his mouth but a bigger part of him was happy that that secret was in the open now.

-"Uh, oh" -Nick was dumbfounded -"So who's the girl you were with last night?" -he asked.

-"None of your business" -no way he was going to tell them.

-"How mysterious. I'm sure Henry and I can find out" - he said grinning and Hodges felt the urge to punch him even if he knew he was mostly just teasing -"Greg will want to be on the bet too".

He closed the locker's door with far more force than necessary and went on to continue with his day. D.B. gave him a questioning look. Finn just waved as she went to talk with Martin Atkins to inform him about their lackluster findings.

Multiple people came to the Lab to commiserate with him, try to get the juicy details or sometimes both.

What the fuck was with everybody been so nosy today? He shouldn't have lost his calm and he regretted it now. This would make keeping their secret harder and when they found out, would they believe they had gotten involved only after Elisabetta and himself had split up?

Morgan's POV

The radio was playing "Human" by The Killers. It posed some interesting philosophical questions about human beings' character that, thinking about her own dramas, went right over her head.

The Lab was pretty lively today. Soon she found out it was because Hodges had finally told everyone about his split with Elisabetta.

-"Good for him" -she thought smiling.

Some people who knew the two of them were good friends tried to pry. Archie of all people! But she didn't told them anything.

The guys were having a quite intense chat on the break room and sensing it might be about Hodges she decided to look for Finn and send her to get some much needed rest.

She was told CSI Finlay was with Officer Mitchell, giving Martin Atkins the news about the raid.

Her stomach clenched with anxiety but she waited by the interview room to catch them as soon as they left it.

Not ten minutes after she arrived, the door creaked to reveal two very tired looking investigators and a crying Mr. Atkins that was taken out.

As soon as he saw her, he started screeching:

-"It's all your fault. My daughter is dead because of you. I should have killed you" -he screamed while they dragged him to the cells.

She felt like the cloud of darkness, that dulled the colours of everything in her life, had gotten even darker.

A/N: I think I might have extended this too much making it boring. Too much introspection, not enough action. Correct me if you disagree and find the pacing great... 'though I doubt it :P At least the chapter is longuish. You have to blame my cat for it not being a bit longer because she jumped on the 0n/Off button while I was on a bathroom break and lost me quite a long bit. I managed to reconstruct it more or less but between that and the keyboard mess, I had less stamina left. Sorry dear readers. You deserve a better writer =P Anyway, thoughts on the situation? Are they going to be discovered by everybody in the Lab soon? Is Hodges being a good boyfriend for not telling her about the stupid scratches or is it going to backfire in a wonderfully awful way? What will Conrad think about it all? Will he find out soon? Probably not at the pace I'm going T_T I especially don't like the conversation on cleaning other people's houses. Kill it with fire! In definitive, I think this chappie is my worst to date. Well, next one will be better... I hope.

Have a really awesome incredibly marvellous week ahead of you because you deserve it. See ya around!

Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 15
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I'm visiting a friend in another city but I couldn't let you guys without a chappie so here it is:

First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

A/N: Well, Thursday is here and my laptop's keyboard still isn't working. I felt so self-concious about my first lemon that I didn't re-read it to look for mistakes and typos so I can only hope they didn't detract from the reading experience too much. With my trusty virtual keyboard, I'm embarking on writing this new chappie where I try to make my character's lives harder than before. I'm too evil for their good. At least you can't complain about fanservice... much. You got a lot of it last chapter. This one is also mainly character driven and will probably get diabetics to look for their insulin.

Thank you so much for reading, reviewing, following and favouriting this fanfic. I still can't believe actual people enjoy my writing so thank you thank you thank you so much! We start off just where we left off, with the phone call with the bad news. How will they react? Hope you enjoy!

Hodges' POV

He almost managed to crack open his head tripping over his own clothes in his rush to get to his cell phone. That would have been quite a stupid way to kick the bucket. When he managed to pick up, three rings in, Finn was at the other side of the line.

-"Hey. I'm calling you just in case you are with Morgan right now" -she said hurriedly- "Don't freak out and listen" -with that she managed to cut down any objection he might have had at the implied suggestion and she started explaining- "We've finished searching the Club "El Galeón" and we haven't found Jennifer" -the horrid news made him look in Morgan's direction who'd just started answering her own phone -"Mitch is calling Morgan right now and I wanted to make sure she had some emotional support when she finds out".

-"Thank you Finn. Yeah, she is here with me" -the circumstances cutting down any subterfuge while he desperately tried to piece together all the new information to decide what to do- "Okay. So the kid is definitely not there" -he sighed- "Are there any signs of her having being on the club?"

-"I still don't know much but I hope that will change when I finish processing this".

-"Are the police officers canvassing the zone?"

-"Mitch's colleagues are knocking on doors as we speak" -she answered quick and to the point.

-"Do you need us to go there to help?" -he offered.

-"I'm already pulling a double and D.B. has sent some guy from the day shift over to help so we have this covered. You guys just get some rest and come back tomorrow to take over".

-"Sure" -he could hear Morgan getting agitated and then complete silence which unnerved him- "Look I've got to go. Thanks for calling" -he really owed her a big one for this.

-"It's nothing. Just keep her from doing anything stupid" -she pleaded, the concern palpable in the sentence.

-"Will do"- he replied while cutting off the call and turned his attention to the other occupant of the room.

Morgan looked like she was in shock, completely frozen in place. Even from there he could hear Mitchell's voice calling for her. He sat besides her and stroked her cheek gently. She came back to her senses startled and answered Mitchell, by now panicky, calls.

-"I'm here. I'm okay" -Hodges paid attention to the half of the conversation he could hear- "Yes, I understand. I'm not tired, I can get ready and be there in half an hour" -it seemed like Mitchell didn't appreciate the suggestion by what he could hear- "Yeah, I won't come down the scene until tomorrow" -she gritted her teeth -"I promise on my badge. Yeah, good luck".

After she had finished the call, he tried to take her hand and caress it but she rejected the gesture.

-"What's wrong Morgan?" -he tried to leave completely out of his voice how it hurt to be left out of whatever was bothering her.

-"I don't deserve this... any of this" -she gestured in his direction.

-"What do you mean?" -he inquired a bit worried.

-"I can't stop thinking that if I hadn't being there, they might have just taken Atkins, gotten the money and maybe had released them, or at least the child. The idea that a little girl is stranded in who knows what place and what they might be doing to her... " -seeing such a fiery and strong willed person like that was a new kind of torture for Hodges. He didn't know how to help.

-"They would have just killed them. You know perfectly well they wouldn't have left any loose ends" -he struggled for words to reassure her -"They'll keep her alive and in good health because she is still useful to them and we we'll find her and bring her home sound and safe as if nothing had happened".

-"After that she'll never be okay!" -her outburst caught him unguarded and left him preoccupied, specially when she tried to underplay it immediately -"I don't know why I said that. Yeah, we we'll find her and bring her home" -he must have been frowning or something because she added" -"Really, I'm okay David" -and she squeezed him like he was a plushie- "Just stay here tonight with me please. No more questions or thinking for today".

He swallowed his smart ass answer about being impossible to stop thinking, squishing her back and giving her a loud wet smooch on her cheek that made her laugh. He would have wanted to stay, even if she hadn't asked, but would have probably felt too awkward asking himself. He guessed that postponing the talk for a day wouldn't hurt and he really didn't want to pressure her.

-"Do you have a preferred side of the bed for sleeping?" -he asked with curiosity -"I like to sleep in the side closest to the door".

-"Me too" -she grinned -"How do you plan on taking my place from me?" -she impishly asked.

-"I was just planning on asking very very very politely" -he punctuated each "very" with a small kiss on her neck.

-"Seduction tricks aren't going to work on me mister" - her words were slightly betrayed by the way she was arching her neck to give him better access.

-"How about we share it then?" -he suggested.

-"Who would have guessed Vulcanian Hodges was fan of spooning?" -her sweet tone and the grin she had from ear to ear belied the tease.

-"Well, I can't say I'm unhappy at the idea of sleeping with you between my arms" -he felt his cheeks getting red as he grudgingly admitted that.

-"You are adorable" -she said while hugging him so strongly than he thought he could hear the noise of bones breaking -"Don't be so insecure, although I like teasing you about it, for me there's no one better than you out there" -a yawn escaped her mouth as she finished the sentence.

-"I feel the same" -he said shyly but before getting mushy, he preferred to get practical-"Now, it's past our bedtime and the princess needs to recover all that beauty sleep she has lost this week.

She pulled out her tongue at the princess mention, offended as to be expected, but got up to put on some PJs. He decided to sleep in his boxers and soon, after some visits to the too small but incredibly messy bathroom, they were both set.

With Elisabetta, they had slept each on their side so getting comfortable took a few elbow hits, some loss of circulation and a pretty painful, if you measured it by the scream she gave, pull of hair.

-"Are you sure you are not trying to kill me?" -she said by the end of it giggling. He felt like he was all thumbs.

-"I'm sorry I am so..."- he started to apologise.

-"Shhhhh" -she interrupted him -"I was just kidding. Just hug me tight".

Going to sleep embracing her smashed all the rest of the competitors in his mental list for preferred things to do. He could smell her hair (he hoped that wasn't as creepy as certain horror film blockbusters made it out to be), he could feel the warmth her entire body emanated and, maybe what what's most important for him at the moment, he felt he could protect her from everything while being like this. With the corny sleepy thought that he wanted to repeat this scene all his life, he went to sleep.

Morgan's POV

She was dreaming about the time she went to the beach for the first time. She must have been five or six at the time because she already had her little red-headed doll Lila. The sea was so impressive. It seemed to go and on endless. The salty smell was too strong for her so she scrunched up her nose. Her mum was grinning from afar and her dad was calling for her to hurry up so she giggled and ran to catch the hand he was extending. Then someone caught her from behind.

She woke up having trouble telling the difference between dream and reality. She had a big heavy hand forcefully covering her mouth and something over her eyes. She could hear scuffling noises behind her but she couldn't see anything. She remembered that Hodges was sleeping there with her but the noises she was hearing made her lose any confidence he could have escaped and gone to look for help.

The hand covering her mouth was lifted but before she could shout, the attacker rammed some clothe deep into her throat muffling the scream and making her choke. Then it was secured with duct tape. Her wrists and ankles must had been already secured while she was out.

She was bodily lifted from the bed by a heavy built assailant and could hear another person or persons lifting Hodges. She tried to resist but she was no match. Were they MacAuliffe's Family's henchmen? Where were they taking them? Were they going to die just like that? She had no answers and her heart was beating so strongly that she thought it would leave her chest any minute.

She was dropped quite unceremoniously onto a cold hard metallic floor. Another body soon followed and she tried to reach to check if it was Hodges, fearing he was trapped too but, also, with a small part of her wanting it to be him so as not to feel so alone. Before she could get even close someone pulled her by her hair and chained her up to a sturdy metallic object. Several doors were closed with consecutive bangs and she got the feeling they were in a vehicle, something big, like the ones that were used to transport furniture.

The engine was started confirming her theory. Not that that made her even a tiny bit happy. The ride felt eternal and she would have sworn she could feel the cortisol and adrenaline running through her veins as the anxiety of not knowing crippled her. The people in the back of the vehicle didn't utter a single word but the ones on the front seats seemed to be joking and laughing and one of them was calling the other Freddie. This wasn't looking good.

They finally stopped. When they opened the doors the sun rays felt nice on the skin, even on these circumstances, but when they lowered her from the vehicle and she felt the warm sand under her, she freaked out. There aren't many reasons you are kidnapped and brought to the desert. She could even imagine the graves already excavated waiting for them.

She tried again to reach for David. A man to her right laughed boisterously.

-"Trying to see how's your boyfriend?" -he mocked -"Well, I wouldn't worry about him, we are going to treat him real nice" -there was a thud and a muffled scream -"See? We are giving him the royal treatment" -he giggled, such an incongruous sound. Then another thud bigger than before but not followed by a scream -"Oh, it seems like he is trying to not worry you. How cute! Let's see how much he can take before giving in" - there was a series of crunching sounds until Hodges' screams could be heard as clearly as if he hadn't been gagged.

She felt hot liquid tears of rage and powerlessness running down her cheeks.

-"Oh, little bird. I already told you not to worry about him. What we have planned for you is much much worse" -he said in a lascivious tone. If Hodges got away alive, she didn't care what they did to her but she didn't have anything to use as a bargaining chip. She couldn't even get the gag off to try. The only thing she had managed was to bit her lips until they bled.

-"Well, you are useless to us so now say goodbye to your little girlfriend" -silence -"You don't want to say any final words? Oh, right, you can't" -he laughed at his own joke -"Ladies and gentleman enjoying the show, prepare yourselves for the coup the grace!" -she could hear the sound of the rounds of a revolver turning -"There's only one round and five empty chambers. How long will our lucky contestant survive?"

She wasn't going to let Hodges die. She was the one who had been investigating the case. If someone should die, it should be her. She tried to move again but some of them were restraining her.

-"One" -CLACK -"Oh, empty".

She wanted to scream for help until her throat gave out, to tell them to stop this madness, to tell David how important he was for her. It all sounded like muffled mumbling on account of the rag down her throat.

-"Two" -CLACK -"Lucky bastard".

She was getting her wrists raw trying to undo the ligatures to no avail.

-"Three" -CLACK -"Damn. Go die once and for all".

She pushed with all her force but it was like trying to move a mountain.

-"Four, five, six" -CLACK, CLACK, BANG -"Hahahahah".

-"NOOOOOOOO" -she started scratching at everything she could reach screaming her lungs out.

-"Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!" -someone was shaking her -"Wake up! It was just a nightmare. You are okay. You are safe. I am here" -his soothing words entered her sleep-addled brain and she soon started making sense of what had been going on.

-"They killed you" -her voice was too weak and that disgusted her. She didn't want to be anything less than strong in front of him -"Just a nightmare" -she reassured herself and Hodges.

-"Come here" -he hugged her -"Nothing is going to happen to me because I'm never going to leave you alone. Right?"

She shook her head affirmatively but seeing as how he couldn't see it clearly with their relative positions she voiced it.

-"I know. It was just a bad dream" -she was getting more and more relaxed.

-"That's it. Now rest. I'm here to guard your sleep".

In other circumstances she might have teased him for being corny and saying something so sickeningly sweet but, right now, it just felt right. Feeling protected, she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

A/N: I guess most of you guessed what was going on and that it wasn't real. Did I manage to fool even one of you? Now I want your opinions as usual, did I over-do it with the dream sequence? Too long or boring? Would you have preferred that it was a real kidnapping? Are you bored of the nightmares? Do you think the couple is cute? I wonder if I break their characters, I mean too OOC, specially Hodges when writing the romance and I worry that it's really overly sickeningly sweet as I've said just above and that some readers might not like that. I was going to continue the chappie but this seemed a really good place to stop. I hope you'll forgive me is you were waiting for a longer chapter. I wrote all the damn dream sequence in the first person and then changed it to the third person and now I still don't know how it fits more XD Writers, right? Never happy XP

I hope you have an awesome week and that you don't procrastinate as much as I (btw I hate hate hate the word much, for such a little word, it has two letters that don't work in my keyboard and I use it continually as if I wanted to torture myself arggghhhhhh. As I told you sometime before, I must be a secret masochist XP). I'll see you again on Thursday! Have fun! (and don't mind too much (grhhh!) the missing letters and typos until I correct them, like that missing "C" in clit in one sentence last chapter T_T Soooorry!). See ya!

Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 14
yarn ball, Cats
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 13
yarn ball, Cats

Maybe you'll like this chapter but I think you'll really enjoy next week's more. I'm such a tease XD

First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

A/N: Thursday comes around and so does a new chapter of this tale. I'm writing this one in advance because I have a pretty hard exam next Monday on the happiest subject on Earth /sarcasm. Can you guess? You can try to figure out what's the subject of my exam but it's pretty unlikely you'll get it right with so little information. I can say it's something that's almost universally feared and nope, it's not spiders or heights or closed spaces and I don't think there're subjects dealing with them unless you count Psychiatry =P That's three hints you have there if you feel like guessing. Now, last week's chapter was mostly about the case. They are getting closer to the truth but not to catching the people implicated or finding the little girl. This week's is case-centred again. Are you okay with that or do you prefer more romance-centred chappies? Any fans of a healthy medium?

Every week you surprise me with new encouraging reviews and simply by taking the time to read my little fic so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everybody who takes the time to read, review, favourite or follow my fanfic is a special person to me and I'll endeavour to make as good as possible a story for you. PS: I talk too much. I know...

Morgan Brody's POV

Now she could understand better why Martin had been so angry at her when she interrupted his meeting with the dark-haired thug, Freddie Daly. From his point of view he could be a good source of information, or at least an opening into his old world, and she had sent him packing, running away in his motorbike. He didn't know that he had been talking with the killer of his wife but... still... maybe if she hadn't been there he would have managed to save her daughter... somehow. Her rational mind knew it was less than unlikely and probably would have resulted in both of them getting killed, but she still felt guilty.

If at least they had something more to go on! She sighed. It had been so easy to forget about this while being with Hodges out of the Lab but now she couldn't keep herself from having small flashbacks to her own experience. Not thirty minutes ago she had seen another picture of the little kid when they were showing it to O'Connor and she had imagined the girl tied up and brutally beaten and then it was like time had rewinded itself and she was again in that moist room with a collar in her neck. Luckily she had been able to pull herself back and nobody had noticed her 2 minute black out. This wasn't OK but she didn't know what to do... she just didn't want anyone else figuring it out and thinking she was crazy and unfit for work. She didn't know what would remain of her if they took away her job.

Work, she reminded herself again. That was something she had to be able to do. She cleared her mind into an almost blank state. Maybe they didn't have enough clues but giving up or feeling guilty served no purpose right now.

They had taken a short pause to get some coffee for the detective they were interrogating. It was early morning after all. Mitchell came with the three smoking hot beverages.

-"Thank you" -she gave a thankful smile to the officer.

-"Yeah. I really need it" -agreed Detective O'Connor giving a sip to his white mocha cappuccino.

-"No problem" -he returned her smile as he placed his own black coffee in front of him. He waited until they were all comfortable sipping their drinks in silence for a pair of minutes before going back on topic- "You didn't seem all that surprised when I told you on the phone that an incident had happened in Las Vegas. Why was that?" -Mitch could be very perceptive and this pointed question proved it.

-"I didn't know Martin was here but I still work in the same division and we keep track of the MacAuliffe Family. Tierney got a lighter sentence than he deserved because his father had curry-favoured and bribed half the judgeship and threatened and intimidated the other half"- he shrugged his shoulders- "Whatever the reason, since he got out early, he has started doing investments in Las Vegas. He has opened several small businesses and a few clubs and cafés. Such a sudden expansion troubled us so we followed it closely thinking maybe he was trying to launder the drug money he was making there in another city. Still, why Las Vegas had me completely stumped until now"- he rubbed his neck like he was feeling self-conscious- "When Tierney actually took off two months ago for the gambling capital of the world leaving behind his lieutenants to take care of his businesses, we were convinced something bigger must have been about to happen".

-"Didn't you think it would be wise to warn someone from Las Vegas Police Department?" -Mitchell inquired harshly.

-"We didn't know if they had bought the local police and we didn't want the fact that we were investigating them to get to their ears as a filtration, innocent or not. We are close to making arrests and we didn't want to fuck up like last time" -he shamefully confessed.

Mitchell pressed his fingertips against his temples trying to massage away the stupidity of it all but didn't say anything out loud.

Her pager sounded in that moment and she read Henry's message.

-"Hey Officer Mitchell. The DNA evidence we recovered from the victims doesn't match Martin Atkin's DNA profile from the sample in his work file" -she informed him.

-"I knew it!" -O'Connor exclaimed- "He might have been a bit of a scoundrel but not a murderer".

-"That's a great line of defense. You should recommend it to his lawyer" -Mitchell wasn't happy about losing their only suspect in custody.

-"No need for sarcasm. I was just saying".

-"You are right. Sorry" -he apologised- "Morgan, go pick the DNA evidence and meet me in Martin's interview room. I think it's time we put all the cards on the table".


-"Mr. O'Connor, we'd like you to stick around at least for a day or two to..."

The conversation was cut off when she closed the door behind herself and headed to get the results.

David Hodges' POV

Against his previous assumptions, he felt so motivated that he breezed through his backlog. Sara, Nick and Greg had been very pleased to finally get their results. Greg had even patted him on the shoulder... That had been awkward and probably more in sympathy for Morgan's attack than anything else. Well, he guessed he could survive one or two pats if it made Greg feel better, as long as he hadn't just been going through the contents of a trashcan full of hot dog leftovers.

Still he was up against the wall with getting something new out of the marine spore. He had identified it as Cirrenalia Macrocephala although it didn't have a bigger head than its cousin Cirrenalia Tropicalis so maybe it was the namer who had a big noggin over their shoulders. Palynology dorky jokes. It was a type of spore that grew on floating timber on the sea but, since he doubted there were many boats in Vegas but plenty of stuff made out of wood, it didn't really give him much information. Maybe it would be enough for Morgan and Finlay.

He was still trying to find something to narrow it down when D.B. came through the door.

-"Hey" -he greeted him- "Didn't your shift end like thirty minutes ago? Overcompensating for your disappearance or were you just trying to avoid our talk?" -he said seriously.

-"Sorry Russell"- he did his best to try to look regretful- "You know I really care about this job. I promise it won't happen again".

-"Relax" - he chuckled at his panicky expression- "I know you just took a longer break to have breakfast with Morgan who had just gotten voluntarily discharged from the hospital".

He probably looked completely dumbfounded. That man was like an omniscient god always knowing everything that was going on in the Lab even 'though he appeared like another absent-minded boss. In a way, it was much creepier that any pig on a bottle or any of the other oddities Grissom had collected. From another point of view, it felt like a helicopter parent taking care of his already grown up offspring.

-"How...?" -he mouthed.

-"Oh, I was just talking with Conrad and he told me she was to stay in Observation for a few hours. When she came back to the Lab so soon and when both of you were missing from the Lab at the same time... I didn't need to be a genius to put two and two together" -he smiled at him.


-"And, anyway, that wasn't the reason I wanted to talk with you" -he clarified.

-"No?" -he inquired while trying to scramble in his mind about what could be the reason the boss called out for him and came out with a blank. I mean, he couldn't know they were together before they even knew... right? I mean, he was clever and all but he couldn't see the future and it really was for their own good that he wasn't a mind-reader.

-"As I told you, Conrad called me. He has been worried about Morgan for a few weeks. She has been avoiding him and when he does see her she looks like she hasn't been able to sleep well in days, pallid and with big bags under her eyes, and I feel you can agree that has been the case" -he started to explain- "He told me this in the role of concerned father, not as Sheriff, but I'm worried this kind of case is messing up with unresolved issues about her kidnapping and that it's going to end up in a nervous collapse or an emotional breakdown and I want to avoid that if at all possible, specially for Morgan's sake" -David's stomach clenched at his words, a feeling of dread and worry growing inside him- "Now that she is being reckless and leaving the hospital against doctor's orders... it's putting me in the difficult decision of having to consider benching her. You are his closest friend so I thought I might consult with you" -he stared at him.

-"I haven't been such a good friend this past few weeks" -he admitted- "but although I know this is a troubling case for her, she is a capable CSI".

-"I know she is a valuable asset but maybe some time to deal with what happened last summer..." -he started to suggest.

-"No, that won't work" -he stated firmly- "I mean... She needs to see this case through and she is strong enough to finish this".

He still seemed unconvinced.

-"Look, if you bench her, she is just going to continue working on the case on her own. Just give her a chance".

-"Well, okay. You are probably right. I'll let things as they are for now but I'm worried about her so I hope you keep a close eye on her" -he requested.

-"Of course Russell" -he had been a shitty friend recently, he wasn't going to be a shitty boyfriend too. Wow, it still felt surreal to be dating her.

-"Also, I don't want to see either of you here working when I come back from my crime scene. That's an order".

D.B. left and he thought that no matter what, Morgan better not find out about any of this. Thinking she might be a step away from being put on temporary leave would be a big hit. He had to be sure to act the same as always.

Morgan Brody's POV

Henry had fawned over her well being like a mama duck with its ducklings. Now she remembered that Hodges had mentioned something about telling him she wasn't feeling so fine to get him to cover for his turn. Finally she had managed to get out with the results and Henry's grandmother's recipe of chicken soup that worked not only on colds but also helped injuries heal faster. Henry said it might sound unscientific but he swore by it. He was very sweet.

She caught sight of Mitchell saying goodbye to Finn and entering the interview room so she waved to her friend and hurried to get there. It seemed like today was an endless line of questionings.

Martin had been given a napkin to clean the blood but he hadn't touched it so there were brownish stains were his hands rested on his trousers.

-We've been talking to your ex-partner Andy O'Connor" -his eyes flickered at the name- "and he has told us some interesting stuff" -he paused to let it sink- "I wouldn't have imagined a guy like you had the guts to cheat a drug organisation of millions of dollars and cause his family's demise because of his greed" -he concluded with a grim face.

He had the decency to look mortified for a pair of seconds but soon his face hardened and he stared at Morgan with hate. Even without words, it was obvious he was blaming her for her daughter's continued disappearance.

-"Stop looking at her like that!" -he hit the table- "Stop shifting the blame away from yourself. They came for you and your money and it's your fault they took it out on your family" -Mitchell's voice was filled with contempt but it didn't seem to be making a dent on Martin- "The man CSI Brody found you talking with matches the description of one of the men who entered your apartment and killed your wife Vanessa".

That did make it. He certainly hadn't expected that and his last hope had flown out of the window. It seemed like his whole world had broken down in front of his eyes. The look of desperation and despair in his face was daunting. He had reached his breaking point and then jumped over the cliff.

-"You've been deceived but it's not too late. Just help us" -Morgan pleaded with him- "We want to find her too".

He swallowed deeply and for the first time, he started to cooperate.

-"I thought he really was my friend even after all this time. I thought he was trying to help me find my daughter. I didn't know..." -a silent cry died in his throat- "I've been worse than a loser, than the most stupid mark. I believed him when he said that if I prevented the police from getting involved it would be easy to snatch my little kid back from the boss' hide-out. How could I be so naive?" -he wondered aloud.

-"Because you wanted to believe it" -answered Morgan.

-"By boss, you mean Tierney MacAuliffe?" -Mitchell gave him no break.

-"Yes, I did steal all that money from him and now that he has found me he wants the money back and I imagine he also plans to make me suffer" -he gritted his teeth- "I don't mind going to jail anymore. I just want Jennifer safe".

-"Do you still have the money?" -Mitchell inquired.

-"There's only half of it left. It's on Heron Bank on Security Box number 237 and the code is 892002. The key is hidden inside a baseball on our apartment".

-"Did you receive any ransom note? Do you have any idea where they might have her?" -she questioned him.

-"No, I didn't. Now I think they were trying to lure me on using the kidnapping of my daughter and Freddie, and then torture me for the location of the money. Freddie did say that he thought MacAuliffe had her hidden in one of his clubs but I don't know if that was a lie too or not" -he looked defeated and pitiful.

-"Look, we are doing everything we can to find her" -Morgan tried to reassure him.

-"And are you any closer?" -he angstily retorted back.

Mitchell and Morgan looked at each other knowing they still had nothing solid. They had a list of all of Tierney's clubs but it was a long list and they didn't even know where to start looking. Silence took reign of the room completely.

Then Morgan's pager beeped with a new message:

Might have new clue. Come to Trace quickly. H

She smiled and showed it to Mitchell. Hodges had come to the rescue.

David Hodges' POV

-"Hi handsome" -she smiled at him.

-"Hey beautiful" -he replied feeling a little bit self-conscious. He wasn't used to being praised for his looks. Also there was the whole D.B. thing gnawing at his conscience. Well, the sooner they figured the case, the sooner they could obey and go home and start working on getting Morgan to a better place emotionally... if she left him help.

-"What do you have for me? You were smirking when I entered through the door so I'm sure it must be something good" -she really knew him through and through.

-"It might not be the breakthrough you need but I really hope it is" -he said sincerely- "Well, I spent all this time trying to determine something more about this marine spore and if I could figure how it ended in Las Vegas and where concretely".

-"And did you get something?"

-"Not really" -he said and trying to make her laugh he added- "but of course the king of trace wouldn't give up so easily".

He brought some papers over and showed them to her.

-"I realised I was concentrating myself on the wrong thing and I re-analysed the samples looking for clues on a bigger scale" -he paused for effect- "This spore grows on timber found on the sea but there were other common elements in the sample from where the spore came like flakes from a high priced varnish that is mainly used in preservation of valuable artifacts. It made me think this must be either a luxury item or a historical item of some kind and then I called Finn for help because I knew you were in an interview".

-"Yeah, the poor man finally broke down and told us everything".

He didn't exactly feel compassion for him after the crimes he had committed and specially after having hit Morgan but nobody deserved what he had gone through either.

-"Finn gave me the list of all the properties and aliases of MacAuliffe and I scoured all kind of databases and credit charges for his last purchases and acquisitions. In the end I found he had won a 19th century ship's steering wheel in an auction and he was using to decorate one of his new businesses. Luckily there are photographs online of said steering wheel on one of his most exclusive clubs".

-"Now, we'll just have to search that club and rescue her" -she was grinning from ear to ear.

-"The problem is I can't match it with a high percent probability without a sample to get a warrant from a judge and, if we ask for it, we'll be alerting them we know where they have her" -he hated to have to dash her hopes. Seeing her dejected expression, he got closer to her to embrace her.

-"No need to despair just yet" -Finn's voice made his heart make a triple somersault inside his chest while he himself jumped to get further from Morgan- "Archie managed to get a complete license plate and it belongs to MacAuliffe's car. If we add all the evidence, I'm sure the judge will sign on any warrant we put in front of him" -she was smiling happily oblivious to what she had interrupted.

-"Great" -she hugged Finn full of glee. Well, if Morgan was happy, he couldn't begrudge Finn- "I'm going to get my bulletproof vest".

-"No way. You've just got out of the hospital. Moreover your shift ended a good while ago" -Finn reprimanded her.

-"Finn is right" -he said before Morgan could reply- "Also, your father called D.B. telling him the doctor had ordered that you should remain in Observation so if he sees you here..." -he let the rest to her imagination- "Finn and Officer Mitchell are more than capable of getting that warrant and raiding the club.

-"You two are double-teaming against me. Not fair" -despite the complaint she seemed to have given in.

-"Come on, don't be like that. I'm taking you home like I promised" -the last part he said softly only for her to hear.

-"Fine" - she acquiesced- "I'm counting on you Finn".

-"Don't doubt it. This girl will be safe before the day is over if I have any say in the matter" -she promised- "Now get going!"

Morgan left for the changing room and, when she was out of sight, Finn turned to face him.

-"From that the scene I interrupted before, the whispering and the good atmosphere in general I take it you've resolved things" -he was a bit taken aback about what she exactly knew- "Don't worry. I don't mean to pry. I'm just happy for you two".

She marched on to continue his work letting him in the doubt if their dating had been discovered in less than 24 hours. That had to be some kind of anti-record in the Lab. Well, it wasn't like Finn was going to betray them. He preferred to think about accompanying Morgan to home. There would be no prying eyes or ears, just him and her. He was really looking forward to it, so he quickly went to clean up Henry's DNA Lab so he could leave.

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Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 12
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Another update! We are still not halfway to the finish line. Enjoy!

First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

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Hodges' POV

-"What are we going to do with the people in the Lab?"- she asked for his opinion- "Do you think they'll notice?"

-"If you keep grinning from ear to ear, of course"- he teased her even 'though he knew he mirrored her completely at the moment. She playfully punched his arm- "Actually I think we should wait before telling them. Just enjoy being together until one of those nosy people figures it out"- he rolled his eyes at that- "I don't like the idea of them putting their noses where they don't belong and, who knows, maybe in a while you will realise I'm just a big Grinch and decide it's best to break off the relationship and move to Alaska" -he said half kidding.

This time the punch wasn't so gentle.

-"Ouch"- he rubbed his arm- "Point taken".

-"Good because I won't have my boyfriend belittling himself"- she paused- "We haven't really discussed it but..."

-"Yes, we are together and if boyfriend/girlfriend are the labels you prefer, I love the idea of being your boyfriend"- he quickly reassured her.

-"Wow. I really was expecting more resistance"- she seemed slightly dumbfounded.

-"I know I've been a pain in the ass every step of the way but I'm a hundred percent sure I like you and want to be with you and since I've already made sure you feel the same, you are stuck with me now"- he tried for a little humour at the end.

She hugged him tightly like she feared he wasn't completely real and he warmly returned it, trying to convey that he wasn't going to disappear in a puff of smoke, not now, not ever while she still loved him or needed him as a friend, lover or any other capacity.

-"Hey"- he softly whispered in her ear- "I'm sorry for making it so difficult".

She hugged him tighter for a second and then she let go.

-"Wow, you really are strong. I think you broke a rib or two"- he said rubbing his torso.

-"You liked it so don't grumble"- she stuck out his tongue at him grinning.

She was so adorable that he pulled her closer to kiss her. He couldn't believe how soft her lips felt. Her mouth was warm and inviting but he kept it short because they were just around the corner from the Lab and someone could see them. Also, no matter the magnetic power she had on him, they really had to come back soon. In fact he was pretty convinced Henry was going to kill him for letting him alone so long...

-"Damn. I really have to go now. I hope we can find Jennifer soon"- she didn't seem very optimistic.

-"Yes, I hope so too".

They said their goodbyes at the door and Morgan rushed off to the Interview Rooms Area. Watching her retreating back he wondered how he was going to get any work done this morning. The idea of clocking on time and going home didn't even cross his mind.

Morgan's POV

All in all she still managed to get there early. It still took a while for Mr. O'Connor and his escorts to make their way from the airport to the Lab which Mitchell and her passed brainstorming about the case. Their theories couldn't be more different and when she told him about how he had made himself bleed with his owns nails, Mitchell just took it as confirmations he was suffering from some kind of sociopathic tendencies. Neither of them could fit all the pieces together in a semi-reasonable manner so they were pretty anxious to get their hands into his ex-partner. Before they could get any consensus, Officer Mitchell received a pager telling him Andy O'Connor had arrived.

-"Time to get some answers"- said Mitch.

No matter how cliché that sentence was, there was no phrase more appropriate right now.

The three of them were seated in those uncomfortable clunky metallic chairs. Introductions had been made. Police Detective Andy O'Connor was no longer a beat cop. The sandy haired 50 something years old had passed the Detective examinations some years past. He seemed like a stoic man used to rough situations. Someone, that years ago and maybe even now, you would have preferred to have on your side in a street fight. He also gave a certain air of having been around the block one too many times.

-"Well. I knew I would be hearing about lil' Martin Atkins sooner or later"- he commented.

-"How so?"- Mitchell asked.

-"I don't know. I just had a hunch"- he shrugged- "What do you want to know?"

-"We think he might be involved directly or indirectly in the murder of his wife and a friend of his daughter and the kidnapping of said daughter"- Mitchell told him.

-"What the fuck!?"- he swore- "No way. He may not have been the cleanest copper in the Department but no way in Hell can he have done that".

-"What did you mean with "Not the cleanest"? Was he dirty?"- Mitchell asked frantically.

-"Look I just worked with him for a pair of years. It's not like we were soul mates"- his reticence was obvious- "I don't think I can help you".

-"You've taken a plane to come here. You have something you wanted to share with us for sure"- Mitchell insisted.

O'Connor bit his bottom lip uncertain but didn't say anything. Mitchell seemed to really really need a glass of whisky or any other hard drink.

-"Mr. O'Connor, we don't know for sure that Martin is involved but it really seems like his past is catching up with him, specially those years when you both worked together dismantling the MacAuliffe Family's drug businesses"- she tried to convince him-"We don't know the situation his daughter Jennifer is in right now. Child kidnappings have the best chance at a good resolution if they are solved within 24 hours and time is running out. We need you to help us find her before it is too late"- she pleaded with him.

-"All right all right. You convinced me"- he acquiesced still looking a bit unsure about if he was doing the right thing with respect to his old partner- "I don't have any way to prove anything I'm going to tell you. It's just speculation. Understood?"

-"Sure"- they both hurried to assure him.

-"Well, you already know we got most of the MacAuliffe Family behind bars. It was a very dangerous and really long operation. Martin came into it when we had already identified the major players. He was young and fresh of the Academy and we though he'd made a perfect undercover cop for this operation because of two reasons. One, he was of Irish lineage on his mother's side and two, he hadn't been a copper long enough so the scoundrels wouldn't know his face. Maybe he was too young but we needed people for the undercover operation"- he sighed- "We got him a fake identity and documents to match it and let him loose. I was his only contact with the Force. He started making friends with the low rung members, the dealers mostly, until he got close with some cousins of the main branch of the family. It took him 8 months to get to even meet anyone of the people we thought controlled the game".

-"Sorry to interrupt you but, speaking of that, do you know the man in this sketch?"- Mitchell showed him the portrait of the guy who escaped on the Harley Davidson.

-"Oh, I think that's Freddie Daly. He was a bodyguard/grunt soldier in the organisation"- he told them- "Actually he was one of the first people Martin befriended. They were quite close for a while before Martin kept climbing the ladder. He later left the city for greener pastures after a small mess with the daughter of one of the higher ups. He got out just in time to miss the big raid".

-"That might explain why Martin contacted him. Someone who he thought also had a grudge against the MacAuliffe Family who could help him get info... what he didn't know was that he was the one of the people who had perpetrated it"- Morgan pondered out loud.

-"What happened later and what were those rumours or speculations you were so cautious about?"- Mitchell asked him.

-"Eighteen months on and we almost had enough to start the big haul but something de-estabilised the situation so much that we had to postpone the operation for 4 more months"- were his cryptic words.

-"What was it?"- they were both completely caught up in the story.

-"A clandestine shipment had come in with the biggest amount of coke that we had ever seen. We obviously wanted to confiscate it but we couldn't do it without putting in risk the operation and our undercover agents. In the end we had to intervene and because of Martin Atkins no less"- it seemed he still felt bad for how things had gone- "I'll cut the details short but let's just say that it almost cost her life to one of the undercover cops but we did get the drugs when the oldest son of the MacAuliffe Family, Tierney MacAuliffe, came to the buy. There was just one problem, the suitcase with the money he had brought to buy the goods was nowhere to be found".

-"And you believe Atkins took it and then later left the police and went to Las Vegas living off that money?"- Mitch asked.

-"Without a doubt".

Hodges' POV

As he had already imagined, Henry was furious at him. The moment he saw him he started fuming.

-"Why didn't you tell me you had such a big back log? Sara and Nick are this close" - he inched his thumb and index together- "of asking for your head".

-"I'm sorry"- he really was because Henry was a good guy who didn't deserve this- "but Morgan really needed me. Look, I promise I'll take care of the clean up of your Lab everyday this week apart from what we had already accorded".

-"Okay, you are forgiven"- he gave in pretty easily to such sweet offer- "I really hope it was worth it because there's tons of test tubes, pipettes and Erlenmeyer flasks to wash".

-"It was"- he replied containing the smile that pushed to get onto his face when thinking back about the last two hours. He had been playfully taunting Morgan about that and here he was about to spill the beans himself... He was just so happy. Would they notice something if he was less than his usual snarky self? Henry took it upon himself to take him back to reality from that whacky train of thought.

-"Oh, I almost forgot. D.B. came by your lab. You might have to go see him when you clock out and do some explaining I'm afraid..."- he informed him.

-"Damn"- he thought to himself and to Henry he said- "Well, that's just my luck"- he said sarcastically rolling his eyes- "Anything else I need to know? Have I been fired while I was away"- he inquired only half seriously.

-"No, but maybe it would improve morale"- he retorted back- "Well, it's not for you but I just managed to prove none of the samples we got from the nails of the victims belongs to Martin Atkins. I hope they get me another sample to check them against but right now they are going through C.O.D.I.S. It was very hard to do because some samples were very degraded and...".

He stopped listening. He didn't know if this was good or bad news. Morgan's theory had been that the father hadn't committed those crimes.

On the one hand this almost confirmed that Morgan's hunch was right. There were two unidentified blood types and two people breaking into the building so if Martins' blood didn't match either of them, it was really unlikely he was the killer and kidnapper. It just wouldn't be very plausible.

On the other hand that meant that the only person they had in custody wasn't the culprit and that got them back to Square One of this vicious game. They had minimal clues right now. Meanwhile it couldn't be easy for Morgan to imagine the poor girl in who knows what situation. He felt the urge to go comfort her but he could do something better with his time.

-"Henry, I got to go. Don't put off telling Morgan or Finn about this"- he told the other man.

-"Don't sweat it. I'll call them ASAP"- he assured him.

He hurried back and started cracking at his back log. As soon as he finished with that, he could get working some more on getting a clue from where that damn marine spore, he had recently identified, had come. He was good at this and he was going to prove it.

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Two messed up people. A CSI Fanfiction: Chapter 11
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First: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the CSI franchise. I play with the characters but unfortunately I can't keep them. Otherwise, I'd have a few of them chained to a bed in my non-existent basement and you should be glad I don't own it because I'd add so many hook ups that they would have to change its name to Grey's Anatomy j/k.

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Hodges' POV

The restaurant was actually quite close, just a 15 minute walk, so they decided to take a stroll. Even before taking on the Night Shift, he had been kind of a night owl but, now, going to bed when everybody was starting their day felt as natural as breathing. The sunlight rays were still weak and couldn't completely fend off against the chilly breeze of the early morning but the warm body next to his more than neutralised it.

Morgan was telling him that she was still wondering about the words that Martin Clegane or Atkins or however he was called, had shouted at her when he struck her. It sounded like he might have been negotiating some kind of ransom pay but there weren't any signs of the kidnappers making any demands... at least that they knew. It didn't fit inside her head why was Martin talking with the person who had kidnapped her daughter and not bashing his head in against some wall for example. At times it made her think Officer Mitchell might be right.

Other things were troubling her, like what information they were trying to get out of the victims going as far as torturing them. If it was simply to punish Martin for getting them on prison, why not simply kill him off when that tall muscle-y guy had seen him? Also she knew he was like a pressure cooker inside, no matter the calm façade he had on. He had so much trouble repressing it in that he had made himself bleed by clawing his own fingernails into his skin.

-"It's no use getting all worked up about the puzzle. Until you get all the pieces, you aren't going to be able to solve it so just try to channel your energies on something else"- What a Zen thing to say but it was the best advice he had at the moment- "When his police partner arrives, I'm sure things will become clearer and you'll solve it".

-"Sorry for rambling. You agree to have breakfast with me and I go on and on about the case"- she apologised.

-"I like hearing you talk"- oh, why did he have to be so blatantly obvious- " a-and I am really interested in this case. You know I love to talk about work"- and now he sounded like a workaholic.

-"About new forensic techniques maybe, not about field work"- she pointed out, apparently totally non-plussed about the earlier part of his sentence.

-"True. I don't know why you CSIs love to go to those places filled with grime and dirt"- he almost shivered at the thought of dumpster diving for evidence.

-"It can be fun. Sometimes we play rock-paper-scissors for the most disgusting tasks but I get that a germaphobe like you would have to have at least 30 showers after spending even an hour in some of the scenes"- she teased him.

-"Hey, I'm not a germaphobe"- she didn't seem impressed at his statement- "I just have a healthy sense of personal hygiene".

-"Right..."- she seemed to doubt his statement- "I'm sure you wouldn't even be able to share food with another person because you'd be scared of catching something".

-"Ermm... of course I'd be able to do that"- he answered quickly with his ego slightly bruised.

-"Nice to know"- the mischievousness of her smile disquieted him.

They chit-chatted some more until they were at the door of the restaurant and they had to disentangle themselves. He knew it had been a bad idea from the start to offer his arm but the feeling of emptiness when he let her arm go caught him by surprise. He found himself searching for a reason for taking her arm again. Damn himself.

The waiter was an older Mexican man, way into his fifties. He had an easy smile and was really fast on his feet and very agile for someone his age. As soon as he saw them, he picked two menus from a pile and, after asking them if someone else was meant to join them, he walked them to one of the available tables near a big window. The waiter pulled the chair up for Morgan before he himself could offer.

The restaurant itself was warm, decorated in bright tones of yellow, red, green, blue and orange, with Mexican art and pictures. Even the lamps were painted in such lively colours giving it a very festive atmosphere. Soft Mexican music played in the background. Apart from them, the restaurant was pretty empty, there were just three men having a hearty breakfast in one table and a couple that looked like tourists enjoying some extravagant dessert. It was a nice place but not exactly romantic and for that he was really grateful. He glanced at his menu. It wasn't his favourite food but they had some dishes that he liked well enough.

He looked up to Morgan who was really concentrated on her menu. A smile rose to his lips at the deep thought she was putting on the decision.

-"Having trouble deciding?"- he inquired.

-"I really like the Chimichanga but I wanted to try these Tacos Laguneros. The friend who recommended me this restaurant said they were to die for..."

-"Bienvenidos. My name is Mateo. Have you had time to decide? What would like to have de aperitivos?"- the waiter was back.

-"Do you like Nachos con Queso?"-he nodded affirmatively to her question- "One ración de Nachos con Queso please. What do you recommend for breakfast?"- she asked Mateo.

-"Breakfast burritos with rice are a good way to start the morning with energy and the Chimichangas are my personal favourite".

-"Oh, then I'll have the Chimichanga and some Jugo de Tamarindo"- she told the waiter.

-"And I'll have a Taco Lagunero and some Jugo too please"- he really was a suck up...

-"Good choices. Your Nachos will be here shortly"- and he let them to their own devices.

Their conversation drifted to how their parents were doing. They met so frequently that they were wondering when they would hear them announce they were moving in together or even getting married.

-"I think it might still be a bit further down the road since my mother has taken a dislike to weddings after everything that happened with Elisabetta".

-"I don't think my father believes in marriage much after his divorce with my mother either".

-"It can't have been easy to lose his wife and daughter in one go with the move to Los Angeles"- his tone was pensive.

-"Yeah and I was so angry at him for not fighting more for me to stay here. Now I feel so foolish...".

-"You were too young to understand the complicated dynamics of a divorce"- he put his hand over her tiny one trying to soothe away any remaining hurt.

The waiter chose that moment to return with the Nachos and realising what he was doing he took his hand away quickly like it was on fire.

-"No need to be shy"- Mateo said with a knowing smile"- "Couples should be able to be loving in public. What's a bit of PDA"- he seemed to be either ignoring or not understanding all the deadly glares he was sending in his direction. No way in hell he was typing him more than 12%- "Enjoy your Nachos"- he left grinning from ear to ear and mouthing something about "amor en el aire". It sounded quite ominous to him...

Morgan's POV

-"Thank the person who recommended you this place. These Nachos are scrumptious. Probably the best in the world, no, the universe!"- he proclaimed.

She didn't know if she believed his over the top statement but she was glad he was enjoying the food. She hadn't been sure Mexican food was his thing but this morning everything seemed to be working like a well oiled engine. It had felt nice to have a walk snuggled against him because it was cold of course! there was no secondary motivation... at all...

Then when they had been talking about her move to L.A. he had tried to make her feel better about it and about her long feud with her father. Then Mateo had broken off the moment. She'd dislike him if it hadn't been so funny see Hodges get all worked up about the waiter confusing his clumsy attempt at withdrawing his hand with shyness about public displays of affection.

-"Believe it or not, it was actually thanks to Catherine Willows. Her sister Nancy came here and loved the place and then Nancy told Catherine and she obviously told Sara and here we are".

-"It sounds a bit like a Chinese Whispers game but with a 100% success rate"- he dead panned.

-"Now that you say it..."- she said smiling- "I used to play that a lot when I was a kid. Once we managed to change "Let's go to Japan to have fun" to "I hope your plane will crash" or something similar".

-"Wow, I hope none of them decided to be pilots".

-"Nah. I think one is a doctor, another a hair stylist, a university Physics Professor and I lost contact with the rest of them".

-"That was a rhetoric question, you know?"- he smirked at her.

-"Hey, don't tease me"- she said and accompanied the sentence by taking the last two Nachos for herself- "To teach you a lesson"- she felt tempted to stick out her tongue to add playfulness to the gesture or to add insult to injury depending on the point of view.

As if sensing they had ended their aperitivos, the waiter appeared with their orders. A half startled-half panicky expression ran through Hodges' face for little more than a pair of seconds. It probably was due to the heart-shaped mounds of rice on their plates. By his expression, anyone would have said it was human-eating rice or a nasty collection of the love child between Varicella and Ebola Virus.

-"Here are the dishes. If there's anything wrong, don't doubt to call for me. Hope you enjoy!"

-"Everything is perfect"- she answered before Grumpy Dwarf could even think of complaining- "Thank you"- she smiled at him.

Against her pre-emptive attack, he retaliated by starting with the rice and messing up the cute little red hearts. He certainly could be pig-headed as heck.

-"If you want some, tell me and I'll cut a portion for you"- She almost felt guilty for calling him Grumpy in her head after the offer.

-"Only if you try some of mine"- she quipped back.

They had been eating while sharing comments of how tasty it was and simply enjoying the meal. No sooner were they finished that Mateo appeared like a ghost from behind her with the Menu of Desserts.

-"Wow you scared me".

-"I'm sorry señorita"- he smiled apologetically- "Do you know what you want?"

-"I'd like some sweet Enchiladas"- answered Hodges.

-"Oh, perfect. Those are two people only but I'm sure you'll enjoy feeding the dessert to each other. ¡Qué romántico!"

She hardly suppressed a giggle. If Mateo had been a relative of Hodges she'd be left wondering if he was trying to get Hodges to an early grave via ruptured aneurysm to get his inheritance early...

-"Oh, I'm sure David would love to share it. Didn't you just say you loved sharing your food just moments ago sweetie?"- Perhaps the sweetie had been a bit too much trolling.

He seemed to slowly regained his motor skills but not before the waiter had gone off to order their dessert.

He didn't say anything but he seemed a tiny bit ticked off.

-"Hey, I'm sorry I said that. I didn't want to embarrass you. It was just a bit of innocent fun"- she apologised.

-"I know"- his face softened losing any kind of hardness it may have contained- "I just think you and I shouldn't..."

He was interrupted by the waiter with a plate filled to the brims with chocolate and cream. You could barely see the sweet enchiladas underneath.

"Our cook made it special for you after I told her we had a couple of love birds"- she saw Hodges face palming out of the corner of her eye- "I'll leave you to it. Call me if you need new napkins. I'm at your service".

At this point they were the only people left from the morning rush or so it seemed so they had all the room for themselves granted the exception of the possible visits of the waiter.

-"I think I'm going to need insulin after I finish this"- he joked.

-"And me. Two shots. For sure"- she added and arming herself with courage, continued- "I told you I'm sorry if I've done stuff that has embarrassed you but that doesn't mean I don't like you or that I think a relationship between us is doomed from the start so don't assume that.

He looked surprised and shocked. Maybe not as much at the news but at that she had gotten the courage to take out the open secret. She also hoped part of the surprise was because he could sense that she truly meant what she was saying but she wasn't going to expect too much. It only got you more hurt and disappointed.

She took his silence as a chance to present her case.

-"You must have already figured out that I've liked you for a long time. You'd be blind if you didn't. I even kissed you"- he seemed ready to interrupt her at that moment so she quickly added- "I know it wasn't in the best of circumstances but the truth is I had wanted to kiss you for a long time before that and that I still do"- she felt very vulnerable confessing that.

-"Yes, I noticed some of it. I'm not completely blind. Maybe one-eyed 'though. But Morgan, I think you should look for someone better and not settle for me. I'm just too jaded and cynical. I really don't know how you could even have a crush on me"- he certainly wasn't the King of Self-esteem.

"It's not simply a crush and please don't belittle yourself David. I just can't imagine spending time with someone that's not you. When I'm with you I feel like I can be myself and I love that we always manage to have fun together with the silliest of things. I'm also really attracted to you"- she felt herself blush a little"- I've wanted to kiss you all night, no, scratch that, all week. You can try to push me away but my feelings are not going away so easily. Please trust in my judgement. I know we can work together. Please, give it a try"- she looked at him with her big blue eyes trying to convey everything she felt to him.

Hodges' POV

He felt overwhelmed by her declaration. Everything this morning had gone against his initial, vaporised by now, plans and ahaainst his better judgement but he had been having such a great time even with their eager waiter. Now Morgan had told him how she felt and was looking at him with those clear puppy dog eyes of hers. His last thought was that he should never get a dog, not because of Kobayashi Maru, his cat, but because how weak he was to puppy dog eyes, before succumbing to them.

-"I like you too. I really really like you"- saying it aloud made him realise how true this words were- "I may or may not deserve you but I want you so, sure, let's give this a try".

Morgan caressed his cheek with her right hand and leaned towards him to kiss him. It was a sweet unhurried kiss. She tasted a bit spicy from the food but underneath there was that taste he hadn't forgotten from all those months passed, only less salty this time because instead of crying she had a beautiful smile on her face.

-"I can't believe I've caught the elusive David Hodges"- she said half laughing as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

-"Hey, I'm not a wild animal to be captured" -he teased back snuggling his face in the crook of her neck and kissing her softly there. She shivered slightly. He had always wanted to see how sensitive Morgan was but now wasn't the moment so he straightened himself. Morgan looked a bit disappointed.

-"Don't worry. I'm not rethinking this"- although maybe I should, said a part of his brain that he proceed to tie up, put on cement shoes and throw of the harbour of his brain- "I just thought we should eat the Enchiladas before they get cold. Maybe we should give a romantic show to pay our extravagant waiter"- saying that he cut a small portion of the dessert dipped it in the chocolate and cream and lifted the fork towards Morgan's mouth. She seemed pleasantly surprised and quickly caught on the game.

Not much later, they turned to "awwing" noises of happiness from their waiter. Hodges made an effort not to gag at his behaviour and instead adopted an overly sweet saccharine-like tone of voice.

-"Are you enjoying the dessert my little dove?"- she had tears in her eyes from suppressing the laughter at his charade- "Are those tears of happiness at the deliciousness of the Enchiladas my sweet sweet love?

Morgan was doing everything she could to swallow the bit without choking because she was almost convulsing form laughter that she managed to cover as a coughing fit.

-"Oh, how adorable you too are. Young love is so sweet. I'm going there to get you some discounts. You have to return otra vez".

The moment he was out of ear, they both burst out laughing. It was one full minute of non-stop hilariousness. When one stopped, the other set them off again. Finally they managed to calm themselves and finish off the dessert. Mateo did bring them some discounts to use the next time they came and they asked for the bill.

-"Don't you feel kind of sorry for having tricked such a nice man?"- Morgan asked him.

-"Kinda. That's why I'm letting him a 20% tip"- he answered.

-"I should invite. I asked you to come"- she stated.

-"Well, how about we go Dutch"- it was a good compromise in his opinion.

-"Deal"- she took out her hand for him to shake and he took it and lightly kissed her palm where it was injured.

They paid, said their goodbyes to Mateo and were out of the door. No sooner had they walked a few feet along the way, that Morgan surprised him by pushing him against the wall and initiating a kiss. It started soft like the first although Morgan's hands were deeply clenching his shirt but it got rougher and hungrier. She introduced her tongue into his mouth, such a soft arousing little thing exploring his palate and tickling his teeth. He retaliated gaining momentary control and biting her lower lip gently provoking a moan that made him feel everything a thousands times more.

He wanted to learn every detail of her. He wanted to lick every inch of her body if that meant he got to hear more sounds like those she'd made but he knew they had to be back to the Lab. It was actually Morgan who had enough self control to stop the snogging session.

-"Damn it" - she took her vibrating phone out and answered a text on the offending object. "It seems Mitchell got a bit worried when I didn't immediately answer his pager. The ex-partner of Martin Atkins' plane has arrived and he is on his way to the Lab so regrettably, we should get going"- she certainly seemed annoyed at the interruption.

-"I'll wait until you finish your shift and I'll take you home. I promise to be a gentleman and only ask for a goodnight kiss"- her face lit up and that made everything perfect.

-"I didn't know you could be so smooth"- she teased- "I'll take you on the offer so no take-backsies".

So much had changed in the short time they'd left the Lab but they could still joke between themselves and that was probably the most important thing for him. He felt really alive and like 10 years younger. He couldn't believe his luck.

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